Can you waive into the Illinois Bar?

Can you waive into the Illinois Bar?

The Admission on Motion procedure in Illinois is no longer based on bar reciprocity. Attorneys meeting the requirements may apply for admission.

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How is the Illinois bar exam scored?

Each essay and MPT answer receives a raw score on a 0 to 6 point scale. The answers are scored on a relative basis with there being no passing or failing score. Thus, your raw score for a particular answer reflects your performance relative to that of the other examinees on that particular question.

Why is Kim Kardashian in law school?

Kardashian was motivated to study law after working with criminal justice reform advocate Van Jones and his team to help release 63-year-old great-grandmother and nonviolent drug offender Alice Marie Johnson from prison.

Is Kim Kardashian West in law school?

PASADENA, Calif. (Reuters) – Reality TV star Kim Kardashian West said on Saturday she had successfully completed her first year of law studies while preparing to release a documentary about her advocacy work for criminal justice reform.

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