Can you hunt Quivira National Wildlife Refuge?

Can you hunt Quivira National Wildlife Refuge?

Opportunities for visitors include wildlife viewing, photography, fishing, hunting, hiking, biking on public roads, interpretation, and environmental education.

Can you hunt Quivira?

Approximately 8,000 acres of designated hunting areas on the Refuge are open from September 1 through February 28. These areas offer excellent hunting opportunities for waterfowl, upland game, pheasant, and quail.

Where are the salt flats in Kansas?

The Gurley Salt Marsh property is 160 acres in size, located in northern Lincoln County. Approximately 18 miles south of Beloit, KS and 6 miles west of Barnard, KS. Or ½ mile north of the intersection of Kansas Highways 14 and 284 on the east side of Highway 14.

What town is closest to Sequoyah national wildlife refuge?

The refuge is located approximately 150 miles east of Oklahoma City, and 35 miles west of Fort Smith, Arkansas, off of Interstate 40. Take the Vian exit from I-40, follow county road 3 miles south.

How long is goose season in Kansas?

The Canada goose season in Kansas begins with a two-day first segment Oct. 31 to Nov. 1, followed by the second segment Nov. 4 through Feb.

What do people dig for in Oklahoma salt Flats?

Visitors to the refuge in Northwest Oklahoma have the opportunity to dig under the surface of the salt plains to find hourglass-shaped selenite crystals — the only place in the world where they are found, said Colby Wyatt, the refuge’s administrative officer.

Can you swim at Great Salt Plains?

Visitors can take their pick of activities in the park, such as swimming in Great Salt Plains Lake or trekking along bike trails.

Can you shoot a cormorant in Kansas?

Possession Limit: Three times the daily bag limit. Birds such as pelicans, cormorants, grebes, herons, gulls, and other migratory birds not listed in this brochure are illegal to take or possess under federal and state law.

Can you shoot ducks off the water in Kansas?

It is legal to take migratory game birds including waterfowl, coots, and cranes, on or over the following lands or areas that are not otherwise baited areas: Standing crops or flooded standing crops (including aquatics);

Can you dig for crystals at Great Salt Plains?

About one third of the refuge is a 13,000 acre salt flat, the largest within the central lowlands. Dig for free selenite crystals during the Crystal Digging Season open April 1 through October 15.

Where can I find salt crystals in Oklahoma?

Great Salt Plains State Park in Jet, Oklahoma, is the only place in the world where you can dig for these hourglass-shaped crystals. You’ll find the state park about 45 miles northeast of Enid at 23280 S Spillway Drive in the Salt Plains National Wildlife Refuge.

How deep is the Great Salt Plains Lake?

4 ft

Great Salt Plains Lake
Average depth 4 ft (1.2 m)
Water volume 31,420 acre⋅ft (38.76 hm3)
Shore length1 91 mi (146 km)
Islands 1

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