Can you give LA 300 to sheep?

Can you give LA 300 to sheep?

Alamycin LA 300 can be administered at the high dose of 30 mg/kg for the treatment and control of respiratory infections in sheep, pigs and cattle.

How much la200 do you give a sheep?

Dosage and Administration Liquamycin LA-200 injection is designed for intramuscular or subcutaneous administration in cattle, and intramuscular administration in sheep and swine at the single dose rate of 1 mL per 10 kg body weight, thus providing 20 mg oxytetracycline per kg body weight.

Can you use Nuflor in sheep?

When using drugs extra-label, you cannot assume the withdrawal period indicated on the label is adequate for sheep. LA-200® is a long-acting broad spectrum antibiotic. Nuflor® is commonly used to treat pneumonia. Zactran® has proven to be effective at eradicating foot root from a flock.

What is Noromycin 300 LA used for?

NOROMYCIN 300 LA is indicated for the treatment of infectious bovine keratoconjunctivitis (pink eye) caused by Moraxella bovis, foot-rot and diphtheria caused by Fusobacterium necrophorum; bacterial enteritis (scours) caused by Escherichia coli; wooden tongue caused by Actinobacillus lignieresii; leptospirosis caused …

How long does Betamox LA last?

Penicillins have a wide safety margin. Sheep: Meat and offal: 29 days Milk: Not authorised for use in sheep producing milk for human consumption….Betamox LA 150 mg/ml Suspension for Injection.

Animal Weight (kg) Dosage volume (ml)
Dogs 20 kg 2.0 ml
Cats 5 kg 0.5 ml

Can sheep have banamine?

Flunixin injectable liquid may be given by mouth to horses, just like the paste formulation. Goats, sheep, alpacas & llamas may receive flunixin injection under the skin only, not in the muscle.

Where do you inject LA-200 in sheep?

Intramuscular injections should be made deep into the fleshy part of the muscle, preferably in the lateral neck region, using a 1 1/2 inch needle. Intramuscular injection in sheep should be administered using a 1 inch needle.

What is LA-200 used for?

Liquamycin LA-200 is indicated in the treatment of bacterial enteritis (scours, colibacillosis) caused by Escherichia coli; pneumonia caused by Pasteurella multocida; and leptospirosis caused by Leptospira pomona.

How do you treat sheep scours?

Whatever the microbial cause of scours, the most effective treatment for a scouring lamb or kid is re-hydration by administering fluids. The most common causes of diarrhea in older lambs and kids are coccidiosis and gastro-intestinal parasites (worms).

What can you give a sheep for pain?

Meloxicam, flunixine and ketoprofen are the three main NSAIDS prescribed for pain to large animals, including sheep. They all offer anti-inflammatory properties, but research shows that meloxicam offers the greatest pain control. “Banamine (flunixine) is a great drug, too.

How long does Noromycin 300 last?

Treatment should be continued 24 to 48 hours following remission of disease signs; however, not to exceed a total of four (4) consecutive days. If improvement is not noted within 24 to 48 hours of the beginning of treatment, diagnosis and therapy should be re-evaluated by a veterinarian.

How long does la300 last?

NOROMYCIN™ LA 300 Injectable Solution is specially formulated to provide sustained antibiotic blood levels up to 4 days in cattle and pigs following a single treatment.

Is noromycin 300 La safe for cows?

Notify Me! Sale & Promo Alerts Noromycin 300 LA is a broad-spectrum antibiotic containing 300 mg oxytetracycline per ml. Indicated for the treatment of pneumonia, shipping fever, pinkeye, wounds, infections, foot-rot, and scours caused by E. coli. Noromycin 300 LA is recommended for use in beef cattle, non-lactating dairy cattle, calves, and swine.

What is noromycin 300 La used for?

Directions For Use NOROMYCIN 300 LA is intended for use in the treatment of disease due to oxytetracycline-susceptible organisms in beef cattle, non-lactating dairy cattle and swine. A thoroughly cleaned, sterile needle and syringe should be used for each injection (needles and syringes may be sterilised by boiling in water for 15 minutes).

How do you administer noromycin 300 La?

For other indications Noromycin 300 LA is to be administered intramuscularly, subcutaneously or intravenously at a level of 3 to 5 mg of oxytetracycline per pound of bodyweight per day. In treatment of foot-rot and advanced cases of other indicated diseases, a dosage level of 5 mg per pound of bodyweight per day is recommended.

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