Can you do Genoharadan light side?

Can you do Genoharadan light side?

You’ll gain Light Side points for letting them live. Finally, each of the targets you let live will appear during your final battle with Hulas on Tatooine. There you can, if you really want to, kill all of the Genoharadan Overseers at once.

How do you trigger Genoharadan?

It’s triggered when a Twi’lek gives you a note to meet Hulas on Manaan (and then speaking to Hulas w/ no-one in your party).

How do I turn off my Czerka Sonic?

There are actually three ways of dealing with this situation.

  1. Neutral: Talk to an emitter guard and get the code to turn off the Czerka sonic device.
  2. Dark: Either talk to Commander Dern and piss him off twice to have him and his guards attack you OR talk to one of the guards and threaten them once for the same result.

Where is Lorgal?

During the height of the Jedi Civil War, Lorgal was arrested and imprisoned in the Republic Embassy on Manaan, from where he was to be transported to Coruscant and given a fair trial.

What does Grrrwahrr give?

Light Side Options. Revan gives Grrrwharr a medpac, which saves him (he can also be healed with Force healing, as long as at least one member of the party has this power). Grrrwahrr then asks Revan to hunt down and kill the remaining Mandalorians. The player can accept or refuse this quest.

How do you get rid of poachers in Kotor?

If you’re talking about the quest that Jole Bindo gives you, a light side resolution involves shutting down the devices in the camp that keep the predators out. Once they are shut down, a cut scene should happen showing the local wildlife chasing the poachers away. After that, just return to Bindo.

Where is Hulas in the Dune Sea?

A Rodian named Hulas stands alone on the south side of the East Central courtyard by the ocean.

  • However, if you’ve encountered and killed Calo Nord, acquired a second Star Map and received a datapad from Senni Vek but ignored the instruction to come alone:
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