Can you buy replacement coals for a gas fire?

Can you buy replacement coals for a gas fire?

14 Gas fire replacement ceramic refractory small cast coals The coals supplied are suitable for living flame gas fires. Use these coals to replace your damaged and mis-coloured old coals/pebbles/logs to give your fire a new look without the expense of a paying for a new fire.

Can you replace gas fire coals with logs?

Sometimes it’s necessary to change gas fire coals, ceramic logs or pebbles as they become discoloured or worn. Gas fire manufacturers will normally insist on their specific brand of coals to be used on their gas fires claiming it is unsafe or reduces the heat efficiency of the fire. Well surprisingly yes.

What is the fake coal in gas fires made of?

Reeds artificial coals are manufactured from high thermal resistant refractory fibres and ceramic dyes to insure a high glow factor and a long lasting product.

Can I wash artificial coals on my gas fire?

The fragility of fake coals means they can become damaged if they are washed using water or a cleaning agent, or if they are vacuumed. As such, the best course of action to take is to use a high temperature fake coal paint spray which will enhance the colour of the coals.

Can I replace my gas fire coals with pebbles?

Most gas fires with pebbles can be changed to coals but not normally the other way around. Coal effect gas fires generally burn richer with a more yellow flame and are too sooty to have pebbles. And some gas fires with white stones can also be swapped for coloured glass beads.

What is the most realistic gas fire?

Our most realistic gas fire yet – the Reflex 75T is now available as a balanced flue model! The Reflex 75T gas fire combines three dynamic features to create captivating flame visuals that reach new levels of realism.

How often should I change the coals on my gas fire?

How often do I have to change the coals on my coal effect gas fire? All gas fires should be checked and, if necessary, serviced annually. Your engineer will advise you if the coals, logs or pebbles need replacing and will be able to assist in obtaining the correct replacements.

What Colour Should the flames be in a gas fire?

Proper Flame Colour A gas fireplace should burn flames that are blue, perhaps with very small tips in yellow or orange. The flames should be steady and consistent no matter what. Although, there is a small exception.

What are fake gas logs made of?

Fake gas fireplace logs are made of ceramic or a similar material. These absorb high amounts of heat without being damaged. Without them, most of the heat from the burning gas would just escape out the vent. By retaining more heat, the ceramic provides warmth and comfort for your home.

How do you install artificial coals on a gas fire?

‘The coals must not be crammed together, or inserted into the holes in the matrix. A well laid out, generously spaced coal layout will give the best results. When lit the flames should not be hitting the sides of the firebox, if so adjust as necessary. No coals should be directly above a flame port.

Why is there soot on my gas fire coals?

Soot buildup is commonly caused by clogged burner ports and improperly positioned fire-logs. A fire-log that’s out of position can obstruct the flame path that ensures the clean-burning of gas. This contributes to soot formation on the fireplace. Another primary cause of soot is clogged gas burner ports.

What are gas fire pebbles made of?

Gas fire pebbles. Made from high quality heat resistant ceramic fibres.

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