Can we connect multiple database in Hibernate?

Can we connect multiple database in Hibernate?

To communicate with another database server, you need another hibernate configuration file similar to hibernate. cfg. xml. For example, let’s say we have a MySQL database server and a Microsoft SQL database server that will be used in an application.

Can we have multiple SessionFactory in Hibernate?

hibernate” package. Session factory is long live multithreaded object. Usually one session factory should be created for one database. When you have multiple databases in your application you should create multiple SessionFactory object.

How does Eclipse integrate with Hibernate?

Hibernate Example using XML in Eclipse

  1. Create the java project.
  2. Add jar files for hibernate.
  3. Create the Persistent class.
  4. Create the mapping file for Persistent class.
  5. Create the Configuration file.
  6. Create the class that retrieves or stores the persistent object.
  7. Run the application.

How Hibernate connect to database in Java?

This property makes Hibernate generate the appropriate SQL for the chosen database. The JDBC driver class….Hibernate Properties.

Sr.No. Properties & Description
4 hibernate.jndi.url Provides the URL for JNDI.
5 hibernate.connection.username The database username.
6 hibernate.connection.password The database password.

How do I run multiple databases in spring boot?

To connect multiple databases, each database should be configured in its own spring boot configuration file. Multiple data sources should be configured for multiple databases. For spring data classes and spring data JPA repositories, two separate java packages need be created.

What is SessionFactory in hibernate?

SessionFactory is an Interface which is present in org. hibernate package and it is used to create Session Object. It is immutable and thread-safe in nature. buildSessionFactory() method gathers the meta-data which is in the cfg Object. From cfg object it takes the JDBC information and create a JDBC Connection.

How many ways we can configure database properties in Hibernate?

You can configure Hibernate mainly in three ways: Use the APIs (programmatically) to load the hbm file along with the database driver providing connection details. By specifying the database connection details in an XML configuration file that’s loaded along with the hbm file. The default file name is hibernate.

Can I reuse the Session in Hibernate?

So, how can i reuse an Hibernate Session, in the same thread, that has been previously closed? Either use the built-in ” managed ” strategy (set the current_session_context_class property to managed ) or use a custom CurrentSessionContext derived from ThreadLocalSessionContext and override ThreadLocalSessionContet.

How install hibernate in eclipse?

Install It In Eclipse IDE, menu bar, select “Help” >> “Install New Software …” , put the Eclipse update site URL. Type “hibernate” in the filter box, to list down the necessary components for Hibernate tools. Select all the “Hibernate Tools” components and click next to download.

How do you create hibernate config file in eclipse?

To create a Hibernate Configuration file:

  1. Create a new cfg. xml file: Click File ▸ New ▸ Other.
  2. Click Next .
  3. In the Create Hibernate Configuration File (cfg. xml) window, select the target folder for the file and then click Next .
  4. In the Hibernate Configuration File (cfg. xml) window:
  5. Click Finish . Figure 4.

What is Hibernate connection DataSource?

Hibernate DataSource Configuration connection. datasource property is used to provide the DataSource name that will be used by Hibernate for database operations.

How does JDBC connect to multiple databases?

How to write a JDBC application which connects to multiple databases simultaneously? Register the Driver: Select the required database, register the Driver class of the particular database using the registerDriver() method of the DriverManager class or, the forName() method of the class named Class.

How to connect two databases in one hibernate?

You can connect two databases test1 and test2, retrieve data with only one hibernate with some tricks: hibernate SQLQuery: just add database name with the table “select * from test1.table1”, “select * from test2.table2”. hibernate persistence: using the key schema in the hibernate mapping xml.

What is hibernate configuration file?

Hibernate is designed to be used with a large set of databases. The details of those databases are configured in an XML file called hibernate.cfg.xml. This configuration files could be given any name and is usually placed in the root of your application class path.

What is Hibernate and how does it work?

We know Hibernate is an ORM (Object Relational Mapping) framework for the automated persistence of objects in a Java application to the tables in a relational database. Here we will assume that an application will connect to MySQL and SQLServer databases at the same time.

Is it possible to use one hibernate configuration file for MySQL?

It cannot be done using one hibernate configuration file. You need to have two configurations files for it. In Details, mysql configuration file be like this.

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