Can turtles live in a fish bowl?

Can turtles live in a fish bowl?

Can A Turtle Go In A Fish Tank? Yes, turtles can absolutely go in a fish tank. In fact, for the vast majority of turtle owners out there, a fish tank is probably going to be the easiest habitat to place them in.

Can you put a turtle in a fish tank with goldfish?

Turtles and goldfish are never a good mix up. Even if your turtle doesn’t eat the goldfish, it will certainly harm it. Goldfish are slow and clumsy fish, putting them in a tank with turtles will most likely end with the death of the fish.

Can turtles live with goldfish in a pond?

There is some debate whether aquatic water turtles will eat the goldfish in their pond or not. The short answer is yes – and no. Many goldfish pond keepers and goldfish tank owners that have introduced pond turtles and goldfish as tank mates tell stories that describe a varying degree of success.

What fish can live with yellow bellied turtles?

Sunfish, particularly warm-water-tolerant species like the long-ear sunfish (Lepomis megalotis), are well-suited to living with yellow-bellied sliders. Sunfish of about 4 inches in length are large enough that they won’t be viewed by well-fed turtles as a food source and won’t be large enough to eat the turtles.

Do turtles eat goldfish?

Yes, turtles eat goldfish, who are often kept in turtle tanks as feeder fish. However, goldfish have spiny bones that can damage your pet turtle’s throat and intestines when gobbled up. Likewise, goldfish also have fat content, which isn’t necessarily good for your turtles.

Can goldfish hurt turtles?

Although often used as feeder fish, goldfish, in particular, can be quite dangerous for your turtles to consume, as they have spiny bones which can cause damage to your turtle’s throat and intestinal system when eaten. As you know, turtles don’t often swallow fish, particularly larger ones, whole.

What fish can I put with turtles?

There are three kinds of fish that will fit in the fish tank together with the most common pet turtle. They are tetra fish, zebrafish, yellow cichlids. For those who have never put a fish in a turtle tank, it’s recommended that you start with a small amount of tetra or zebrafish. Both species are cheap.

What turtles can live together?

Turtles of the same species generally live peacefully together as long as they are all adults or all juveniles. Freshwater turtles such as map turtles, musk and mud turtles, painted turtles, cooters, and sliders can all live together.

Can you put fish with yellow-bellied sliders?

Can you put fish with Yellow-bellied Sliders? Yes, you can put fish in with YBS either as their food source or as tank mates. If you want to keep the fish as pets as well (or use them as additional tank cleaners), choose fish that are small and fast and can easily escape predation by your turtles.

What fish can you put in a tank with a turtle?

Are yellow-bellied slider turtles good pets?

The yellow-bellied slider ( Trachemys scripta scripta) is a beautiful aquatic turtle that enjoys the thrill of both land and water! This species is one of the most popular pet turtles around. With their active lifestyle and beautiful coloration, it’s not hard to see why.

What type of aquarium is best for a yellow-bellied turtle?

A standard aquarium can work fine, but there are also turtle-specific tanks that may serve you better. Some reptile enthusiasts even like to keep their yellow-bellied sliders outside in temperate areas. Needless to say, you have a lot of options when it comes to choosing the right setup!

Can a yellow-bellied slider live in an aquarium?

Yellow-bellied sliders require an enclosure that can accommodate the land and water portion of their environment. A standard aquarium can work fine, but there are also turtle-specific tanks that may serve you better. Some reptile enthusiasts even like to keep their yellow-bellied sliders outside in temperate areas.

What fish can live with turtles?

So, what fish can live with turtles? The fast-swimming fish like guppies, neon tetras, catfish, and certain varieties of goldfish, can live comfortably with turtles. Fish that grow large, like plecos, will also be fine when kept with turtles. However, it is very risky to keep any fish with aggressive turtles, like snapping turtles.

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