Can I delete an Adobe account?

Can I delete an Adobe account?

Tap on your profile icon (or open your app’s settings) and then select Account > Delete Adobe account. Then follow the onscreen instructions. You may be prompted to visit the App Store to cancel your subscription when deleting your Adobe account.

How do I delete my Adobe Behance account?

To delete your Behance profile:

  1. Visit your Account Settings.
  2. Click the Delete Account tab (bottom of the list)
  3. Enter your Profile First & Last Name.
  4. Check the box to agree to Terms & Conditions.

How do I delete my Behance profile picture?

Go to Profile on the homepage. Hover over your existing Banner. Click Replace or Remove.

How do I change my username on Behance?

  1. Navigate to your avatar in the top right corner, a drop-down menu will appear.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Click the Account Information tab.
  4. Click edit under Behance URL and choose a new URL.
  5. Click Apply when you’re done.

How do I Uninstall Adobe?

In the Control Panel, select Programs > Program and Features. From the list of installed programs, select Adobe Acrobat and click Uninstall. Click Yes in the confirmation dialog. After Acrobat is uninstalled, restart your computer.

How do I contact Adobe?

(800) 833-6687Adobe / Customer service

How do I contact Behance?

You can contact Behance by emailing them or leaving them a message on one of the social media platforms. Alternatively, you can use their knowledge base if you prefer self-service support.

How do you delete a follower on Behance?

Unfollow A Creative

  1. Click on the Followers section when viewing your own profile.
  2. Find the person you’d like to unfollow.
  3. Click Following to unfollow.

What is Behance com?

Behance is the leading online platform to showcase and discover creative work. The creative world updates their work in one place to broadcast it widely and efficiently.

How do I create a Behance account?

Signing Up For Behance

  1. Navigating to
  2. Click Sign Up With Email or select the Social Network login option (Apple, Facebook, Google) to create your Adobe ID.
  3. You’ll be asked to fill out a few fields – including your name, email address, and other basic information.

How do I edit my Behance?

Editing A Published Project Select “Edit” from the dropdown menu that appears. Once you are in the project editor, select an option from the Add Media menu in order to add content to your project.

Why can’t I Uninstall Adobe Apps?

If any of the software fails to uninstall, go to Control Panel and remove it from there. Once all Adobe apps are removed, uninstall Adobe CC desktop software from the Control Panel. If Adobe CC desktop software does not uninstall, download and run Adobe CC uninstaller software.

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