Can a pitbull be a cattle dog?

Can a pitbull be a cattle dog?

The Pit Heeler is a relatively new breed, crossing the American Pitbull with the Australian Cattle Dog, more often referred to as the Blue Heeler. The resulting crossbreed is also known as the Bull Heeler, Bull Pit Heeler, or Queensland Pit and takes herding and loyalty from both of its parent breeds.

How big will an Aussie pit mix get?

That said, as a mix between Australian Shepherd and Pit Bull parents, you can expect Aussie Pits to be on the medium-to-large side. Most weigh in between 30 to 85 pounds and measure 17 to 23 inches tall from the shoulder. However, some can be smaller or larger than average.

What breed of dog goes well with a pitbull?

So what are the best companion dogs for a pit bull? Look for breeds that are intelligent, have a calm nature, and a similar high energy level to pit bulls. Breeds like German Shepherds, Basset Hounds, Beagles, and many retriever types all make great companions.

What are Australian cattle dogs usually mixed with?

Best Blue Heeler Mixes

  • Blue Tzu Heeler. Parents: Shih Tzu x Blue Heeler mix.
  • 2. Box Heeler. Parents: Boxer x Blue Heeler mix.
  • Border Heeler. Parents: Border Collie x Blue Heeler mix.
  • Dalmatian Heeler. Parents: Dalmatian x Blue Heeler mix.
  • Heeler Pei. Parents: Shar Pei x Blue Heeler mix.
  • Pit Heeler.
  • Aussimo.
  • Texas Heeler.

What are Blue Heelers mixed with?

Blue Heeler History Mixing native Dingoes with Collies and other herding dogs, Australian George Elliott developed the Australian Cattle Dog (the Blue Heeler) in 1840. Australian cattlemen and ranchers loved the breed’s toughness and work ethic, and the dogs quickly became popular as cattle herders.

Is an Aussie mix a good dog?

Their fun and faithful personalities and head-turning good looks have made them a highly sought after breed to mix with other purebred dogs. The Aussie is friendly, loving, family-oriented and extremely social. They are also very high energy and that requires a very active family.

Do pitbulls get along with pitbulls?

Many pits can and do live successfully with other pit bulls and with other dogs. You simply need to understand the risks and what you need to do in order to keep your dogs safe. It’s important to make sure that any multi-dog household is well-managed, but managing one with more than one pit bull has its own challenges.

Do pit bulls get along with small dogs?

Yes, Pit Bull Terriers can live with small dogs but still need to be socialized and taught how to behave around small dogs. Regardless of the dog breed and dog size, a Pit Bull can be a loving and affectionate companion with the proper environment.

What breeds are mixed with cattle dogs?

List of Australian Cattle Dog Mix Breed Dogs

  • Australian Cattle Dog (Heeler) x American Eskimo Dog mix = Aussimo.
  • Australian Cattle Dog (Heeler) x American Pit Bull Terrier mix = Pit Heeler.
  • Australian Cattle Dog (Heeler) x American Staffordshire Terrier mix = Staffy Heeler.

Are Australian Cattle Dog mix good dogs?

The Australian Cattle Dog is good family dog, but he does best with children if he’s raised with them and accepts them early on as members of his household. In such cases, he’s very playful and protective. The breed’s tendency to be mouthy — even to nip and bite — can be a problem with kids, however.

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