Are wheelchair footrests interchangeable?

Are wheelchair footrests interchangeable?

The swing-away footrest allows each side to swing out of the way, to make it easy for the person to stand. Someone who doesn’t need to elevate his legs might find these the most convenient choice. In most cases, these footrests are completely removable and interchangeable, depending on the brand of wheelchair.

How do you keep your feet on a wheelchair footrest?

What Is the Correct Way to Set Up a Wheelchair Footplate? The correct position is when the user is sat with their buttocks all the way to the backrest with their thigh parallel to the seat. The angle behind the knee should be less than 90° with the feet flat on the footrests.

What is the purpose of a footrest on a wheelchair?

Footrests are key to seating, positioning, and functional independence. When seated in the perfect wheelchair, the pressure in the seat is evenly distributed throughout the seat cushion to protect the skin from pressure injury.

What are wheelchair footrests made of?

Standard footplates can be made of aluminum or a plastic composite material and are set about 90° to the downtube of the footrest/legrest hanger. Footplates come in different sizes but generally support from the back of the user’s heel to around the ball of the foot.

What is elevating leg rest?

The elevating legrest allow users to easily adjust angle on the legrest for optimum pressure relief on lower torso, added comfort, lower leg deficiency, at almost any desired angle. Tool free adjustable footplates are standard which are beneficial for users ranging in different heights.

How do Wheelchairs keep their legs together?

In a wheelchair, it is nice to know that there is a way to hold your legs together with the top level of comfort, and that way is the Sportaid Wheelchair Leg Straps. Sportaid has employed a system of VELCRO buckles that provide for easy fastening and unfastening.

What is articulating leg rest?

Articulating Leg Rests are those that extend as they are elevated. This is an important feature for those who need to be able to change the angle of the leg rests from time to time.

What are articulating leg rests?

What is the proper way to elevate your legs?

Tips & Tricks for Elevating Your Legs

  1. Raise your legs above your heart. This is the only way that elevating your legs will be effective.
  2. Elevate them at least 3 times a day.
  3. Keep them up for at least 15 minutes.
  4. Make sure to use a cushion.
  5. Use the wall.
  6. Rotate your ankles and feet.
  7. Contact a vein specialist.

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