Are the Trancy triplets demons?

Are the Trancy triplets demons?

The triplets are demon servants of the Trancy household. The triad consists of Canterbury (カンタベリー, Kantaberī), Thompson (トンプソン, Tonpuson), and Timber (ティンバー, Tinbā); they serve as the house steward, the gardener, and the cook, respectively.

What kind of demon are the triplets from black butler?


My Rating
Species Demon
Gender Male
Occupation Servants of the Trancy Household
Base Of Operations Trancy Manor

Who is the main protagonist in Kuroshitsuji?

Earl Ciel Phantomhive
Earl Ciel Phantomhive (シエル・ファントムハイヴ, Shieru Fantomuhaivu) is the main protagonist and the business-savvy, egotistical thirteen-year-old head of the Phantomhive family after the deaths of his parents, Vincent and Rachel Dalles-Phantomhive.

What type of demon is Claude?

Claude’s contract seal with Alois Trancy is located on the back of his left hand. The mark only becomes visible when he is within Alois’s proximity. His demon form is a spider.

How old is beast from black butler?


Kanji ビースト
Gender Female
Age 24
Birthday May 22, 1864
Affiliation Noah’s Ark Circus The East End (as a child) Renbourn Workhouse (as a child)

What was Alois Trancy wish?

After Alois is brought to a demon sanctuary with Hannah, Claude and Sebastian, Alois talks to Ciel in his subconscious thoughts as they wait for their butlers to finish dueling. It is later revealed that his wish he made with Hannah was for Ciel’s soul to never get eaten, and for Alois to join Luka in Hannah’s body.

Who is the strongest demon in black butler?

1 Baron Kelvin Black Butler’s strongest and most diabolic villain was Baron Kelvin. Most fans agree that he was by far the worst in the series. He led the Noah’s Ark Circus, where performers kidnapped children from each town they visited.

Is Finny from Black Butler a girl?

Appearance. Finnian is a teenage boy with large turquoise eyes and short strawberry-blond hair clipped back with five red bobby pins—two on his right and three on his left. “S-012” mark revealed when his hat was removed.

Does Claude Love Alois?

Alois and Claude lived together for a long time. Faustus felt more and more respect for his master. Trancy became attached to a spider demon and started to subconsciously fall in love with him. However, Claude’s feelings for Alois changed after tasting Ciel Phantomhive’s blood.

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