Are sailfish a good boat?

Are sailfish a good boat?

Sailfish is a decent mid tier boat, not to be confused with a Yellowfin, which is top tier in every regard.

Who makes Sailfish boat?

Seminole Marine Group
Seminole Marine Group designs and manufactures best-in-class fiberglass boats. Seminole’s flagship brand, Sailfish Boats, is made for serious anglers and recreational family boaters alike, built to withstand the rigors of inshore and offshore environments, and stretch a smile across every face.

Do Sailfish boats have wood in them?

Sailfish does not use wood in their boats, especially the transom. Wood will hold water, fiberglass, not so much. You may have some structural damage from a collision.

Where are sailfish boats manufactured?

Cairo, Ga
The company maintains is proud fishing boat legacy at a 30-acre facility in Cairo, Ga. “Our center-console boats are fishing boats that are family-friendly, and the dual-console models are family boats that we made fishing-friendly,” Libin says. “We take the versatility and quality of our boats very seriously.

When did Sailfish boats start?

Established in 1986 as a producer of saltwater fishing vessels, Sailfish Boats is a Cairo, Georgia based boat builder. Sailfish Boats constructs a vessel design range consisting of bay boats, center console, dual console and walkaround hull configurations.

Are Sailfish boats foam filled?

Sailfish installs what it calls “Sailtech” stringers in each hull. These foam-filled fiberglass ribs provide structural rigidity to the hull.

When did sailfish stop using wood?

Grady-White stopped using wood in their boats in 1998. However, the company did not make the transition immediately.

Is sailfish a Marlin?

Sailfish are a type of billfish (like the blue marlin or swordfish) that are known not only for their pointed bills, but also their extraordinary dorsal fins that can be taller than the length of their bodies.

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