Are purses allowed at Resch Center?

Are purses allowed at Resch Center?

What is the bag policy? We recommend you do not bring a purse to speed up the security check-in. For concerts or comedy shows, only a small purse is allowed or items must be brought in a clear plastic container no larger than 12 x 12 x 6 inches.

Who owns the Resch Center?

Brown County
Owned by Brown County, the Resch Center opened in 2002 and is managed by Green Bay-based PMI Entertainment Group (PMI).

How many seats are in the Resch Center?

9,877Resch Center / Capacity

Is the Alan Jackson concert in Green Bay Cancelled?

Country music superstar Alan Jackson’s September 17, 2021 concert at the Resch Center in Green Bay, WI is being cancelled. Previously-purchased tickets for this concert will be refunded. This includes both the rescheduled date and the original August 2020 date (which was moved due to the pandemic).

How old is the Resch Center?

20Resch Center / Age (c. 2002)

What year was the Resch Center built?

Built in 2002 as part of the Brown County Veterans Memorial Complex, the 10,500 seat Resch Center is busy with more than 150 event days and 650,000 attendees per year including concerts, family shows, comedy, extreme sports and sporting events.

Who is Resch?

Resch, now 81, was chief executive at local furniture-manufacturer KI, then Krueger International Inc., from 1983 into 2019. He sold his 71% ownership stake in the company to KI’s 200 employees in 2018, but remains as executive chairman and chairman of the board of directors.

Why is Alan Jackson Detroit canceled?

This is the second interruption in the Alan Jackson tour. He was scheduled to perform at the Resch in August 2020, but the date was pushed back due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Is Alan Jackson 2020 tour Cancelled?

The Alan Jackson concert scheduled for Saturday has been canceled. The return visit by the Country Music Hall of Famer, who last sold out the arena in 2017, was originally announced for Aug. 29, 2020, but was bumped to 2021 by the pandemic.

How old is Resch Center Green Bay?

When was Resch Center built?

August 24, 2002Resch Center / Opened

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