Are Mountfield engines any good?

Are Mountfield engines any good?

Mountfield are able to offer very competitive prices on their entry-level, domestic lawn mowers due to their reliable own-brand engines. This allows them to under-cut the competition whilst still maintaining functionality and dependability. These make them the perfect choice for a domestic user on a budget.

What engine is in a Mountfield mower?


Engine Make Honda
Engine Power 4.2hp / 3.1kW @ 3600rpm
Engine Starting System Recoil
Drive Self-Propelled – 3.6km/h
Cutting Width 51cm

Who makes Mountfield?

The STIGA Group
Designed to provide customers with excellent value for money, Mountfield’s mowers and gardening maintenance top quality tools are known for their reliability. The brand became part of The STIGA Group in 2000. To discover the complete range, visit MOUNTFIELD website.

Are Mountfield mowers 2 stroke?

It is likely that your Mountfield lawnmower will be powered by a 4-stroke engine. This means that the oil and petrol are stored within the machine in separate sections, eradicating the need for you to mix the two together.

Are Mountfield lawnmowers made in China?

Mountfield engines Mountfield being part of Global Garden Products (GGP) may well have their own manufacturing facility in China as do MTD. Have been reliably informed that the Chinese plant producing the Loncin engines available from several sources in the UK also manufactures for Honda and BMW.

Are Mountfield mowers made in UK?

Where are Mountfield lawn mowers made? Mountfield has a long and proud history in the UK and is still very much a Europe-based company.

Are Mountfield mowers made in China?

Who makes engines in Mountfield mowers?

Honda engines
Mountfield is a leading UK brand and one of the best selling lawn mower brands in the country and Honda’s provenance needs no introduction. Our range of Mountfield lawnmowers with Honda engines includes some truly great deals offering good value with good durability and performance.

Is Mountfield made in China?

Will my lawn mower run on E10 petrol?

Can you use E10 petrol in a lawn mower? Your lawn mower will run on E10 petrol, but it’s not the best type of fuel to use. Ideally, you want to use fuel with as little ethanol as possible, because ethanol attracts water, causing corrosion and possible engine damage over time.

Do Mountfield mowers come with oil?

Your Mountfield lawnmower does not contain petrol or oil and these must be added before use.

Do Mountfield use Briggs and Stratton?

Mountfield are well aware that a great mower must have a great engine, so they’ve equipped the SP185 with a Briggs & Stratton 300-Series motor with an OHV configuration that works to drastically reduce emissions, vibration and fuel consumption; and a Lo-Tone™ muffler, which makes the working-environment a whole lot …

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