Are Jenna and Josh from The Block still together?

Are Jenna and Josh from The Block still together?

It’s safe to say Josh and Jenna Densten are one of our favourite Block couples, and they’ve just shared some very big news. The couple shared a video on Instagram revealing their lives are about to change in a big way. “We have some exciting news — and no, I am not pregnant,” Jenna said in the clip.

Where do Josh and Jenna live?

Inside Josh and Jenna Densten’s family home at 47 Canning St, North Melbourne. Former Block contestants Josh and Jenna Densten have listed their stylish North Melbourne would-be forever home in favour of a tree change to “escape the city”.

What season was Josh and Jenna on The Block?


House Couple Season
1 Phil Rankine and Amity Dry 1
2 Mark Bowyer and Duncan Miller 3
3 Josh and Jenna Densten 4
4 Dan and Dani Reilly 5

How old is Jenna from The Block?

Season Contestants

House Couple Ages
1 Jenna Whitehead and Josh Densten 23 & 24
2 Polly Porter and Warwick “Waz” Jones 24 & 27
3 Katrina Chambers and Amie Godde 33 & 31
4 Rod and Tania Walsh 38 & 39

Are Julia and Sasha still together?

Julie and Sasha: still together Currently living in Seattle, the pair are working in property development. They also finished renovating a new home, which they dubbed Little Willow. Julie and Sasha are still together.

Is Mel married Jesse?

Young lovebirds Jesse and Mel are yet to tie the knot, but they reveal that now The Block is coming to an end they can’t wait to start a family. And, that takes priority over a wedding. Jesse and Mel have big plans after The Block wraps up. “We want kids first,” Mel says.

Are Polly and Waz still together?

Polly and Waz: still together The underdogs who somehow won the fourth season of The Block, are still together and in October 2017 welcomed their second child, a baby girl named Scotland.

How old is Josh and Jenna from The Block?

The youngest couple ever to appear on The Block met six years ago when Josh (24) crashed a party for Jenna (23). Since then they’ve been inseparable and plan to get married.

Did Polly and Waz get married?

*The Block*’s Polly and Waz engaged! The reality stars are finally getting married! And Waz’s romantic proposal couldn’t have been more perfect. They were the couple we couldn’t get enough of during this year’s series of The Block – gorgeous, down to earth and madly in love.

Do Josh and Jenna have kids?

Congratulations are in order for renovation duo, Jenna and Josh Densten who have welcomed their second daughter. The gorgeous little one was born on January 4, 2020 and the family-of-four are over the moon with their new team member.

Did Jesse and Mel get married?

Is Jess and Norm from The Block still together?

She’s been engaged to her partner of nearly a decade, Norm Hogan, for seven years. And The Block star-turned-radio host Jess Eva caught her fiancé lying about where he was on Friday.

Are Josh and Jenna from the block still together?

Josh and Jenna got engaged on The Block. This is what their lives look like now. Josh and Jenna Densten are one of the most memorable couples to emerge from The Block. Appearing on the 2011 version of the home renovation reality TV show, the young couple made headlines for their frequent fiery clashes.

What happened to Josh and Jenna densten’s North Melbourne home?

Back in 2018 we shared the pint-sized North Melbourne home of Josh and Jenna Densten. This home remains in the hands of the couple today, but is now joined by a new, larger family house right behind the original tiny weatherboard home!

What is the purpose of Josh and Jenna’s new house?

It feels like a magician’s trick! The house is a completely new freestanding dwelling, separated from the original house by a courtyard. It was designed by Foomann Architects, with the main purpose of providing more space for Josh and Jenna’s young daughters, Fred and Story.

What does Jenna Coleman do for a living on the block?

Since their first season on the show, Jenna – who was a hairdresser by trade beforehand – has studied interior design. After completing her studies, the couple started their own Design School, where they take on 70 students at one time. “Our whole world has changed since The Block.

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