Are Fiskars any good?

Are Fiskars any good?

For general purpose wood splitting for firewood, a Fiskars axe is extremely reliable and surprisingly capable at a very affordable price. The lightweight plastic handle makes it easy to swing and the enclosed axe head design ensures the head never comes loose.

How heavy is the Fiskars splitting axe?

Fiskars X27 6.3 lbs.

Where are Fiskars axes made?

Product development and craftsmanship Craftsmanship is at the heart of Fiskars; each Fiskars product made in Finland is also tested in Finland.

Can you hammer with a Fiskars axe?

The Fiskars 8lb splitting maul overcomes my main complaint with the X27 -it can’t be used for hammering or as a sledge . So if you’d like to have that feature step up to the 8lb maul.

Are Fiskars and Gerber the same?

Fiskars owns Gerber. The only difference is handle color.

What type of steel does Fiskars use?

drop-forged carbon steel
Fiskars protects its steel types as trade secrets, but it’s known to be a flavor of drop-forged carbon steel. The handle encloses the head, preventing you from changing out the blade.

What is the difference between a splitting AXE and a chopping axe?

These splitting axes offer one-strike splits with each swing, so logs can be split with less time, effort and hand strain. Chopping wood consists of cutting horizontal logs into segments with several sharp, downward strokes of an axe.

What’s better for splitting wood axe or maul?

For smaller pieces of wood, or splitting around the wood’s edges, a splitting axe is the better choice. It’s lighter, easier to swing and performs similarly to a splitting maul. The wood-cutting pros at Husqvarna recommend you have both, as together they form an excellent one-two punch for your wood splitting needs.

Whats the difference between a splitting axe and a chopping axe?

What length axe should I get?

True full-size felling axes are 36 inches long, but that’s usually way too large for most people’s needs. Instead, consider getting a 31-inch full-size axe and 28-inch “boy’s axe”. The latter, despite the name, is a great all-rounder in terms of size.

Is Gerber AXE made by Fiskars?

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