Are Aquarius and Capricorn Venus compatible?

Are Aquarius and Capricorn Venus compatible?

Venus Capricorn With Venus in Aquarius One likes all things traditional, and the other is a rebel against conventional values. This goes for looks too, so there may not be the attraction here. But both are cool characters that move in the greater scheme of things, with big ideas and goals on their minds.

What are Venus in Capricorn attracted to?

The Venus in Capricorn male is attracted to women who are successful and mature. He wants a woman who is somewhat formal or aloof and as concerned about status as he is. The man who has Venus in Capricorn is interested in powerful women and may also be attracted to older women.

What is Venus in Aquarius attracted to?

You’re attracted to those that are quirky individuals in their own right. Above all, you’re looking for an intellectual rapport, someone you can take journeys of the mind with. The background is not important, and you may end up with someone from a very different culture.

Who is Venus in Aquarius compatible with?

Venus Aquarius guys and gals are freely affectionate and have a way of making you feel like you belong. When Venus is in Aquarius (transiting), it’s time for speed dating, random encounters, and light social mixers. Compatible elements are fire and air, and these Venus signs also get a lift.

Is Venus in Capricorn romantic?

During Venus in Capricorn, our expectations for romance are sky-high. Rather than hooking up with anyone who breathes, we’ll save our interest for people who are going places. Wealth, status and achievement are just as — if not more — important as good looks and smarts.

How do you seduce Venus in Aquarius?

Venus in Aquarius gravitates towards originality. Show him that you’re proud of who you are, and a Venus in Aquarius won’t be able to get enough of you. Don’t sweat about having too little in common. This guy wants to stand out from the crowd, so he doesn’t need you to be unconventional in the same ways he is.

Are Capricorn Venus loyal?

Venus in Capricorn can help you get the ball rolling with a new relationship…if you actually take it seriously enough to want to commit. Moving from feisty Sagittarius into grounded Capricorn is a big shift in the energy. You’re feeling more serious, practical, and loyal when it comes to relationships.

What is Venus in Aquarius?

Venus in Aquarius gives someone the desire to explore the highest level of intellectual connection with others. While one may initially appear detached or aloof because of this, it is simply because they demand a truly authentic mental connection with another to open up.

What does my Venus in Capricorn mean?

Venus in Capricorn causes someone to focus on commitment, longevity and the material value of relationships. They value consistency above all else, as well as finding someone who wants to build the lifestyle they desire at their side.

What does it mean when your Venus is in Capricorn?

What are Aquarius Venus like in bed?

Venus or Mars in Aquarius: These water-bearers have a very take-it-or-leave-it attitude when it comes to sex. Aquarius lovers are not known for being warm and open, although they’re very enthusiastic about trying new things. In bed, they usually come off as effortlessly cool and experienced.

How does a Venus in Capricorn flirt?

Capricorn Venus – The Lady/ The Gentleman They might charm you with some very traditional flirting rules, like holding the door for you or taking your jacket. They can be real charmers, because they seem aloof and considerate at the same time.

What signs does Venus in Aquarius go with the Sun?

Venus stays within two signs of the Sun in terms of relative position to Earth. That means people who have Venus in Aquarius can have the Sun in only the following signs: Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, or Aries. Shameless self promotion…

What happens when Venus is in Capricorn?

When Venus is in Capricorn (transiting), the chance for new friendship or love is heightened. Compatible elements are earth and water, and these Venus signs also get a lift.

What signs are on either side of Aquarius?

Capricorn and Pisces are the signs on either side of Aquarius. As noted previously, Venus can be no more than two signs apart from the Sun. There are therefore many Venus in Aquarius people with the Sun in Capricorn or Pisces. There are also many people with Venus in Capricorn or Pisces who have the Sun in Aquarius.

What sign is Venus in Capricorn most compatible with?

When Venus is in Capricorn (transiting), the chance for new friendship or love is heightened. Compatible elements are earth and water, and these Venus signs also get a lift. Venus Capricorn With Venus in Aries This is an edgy match, with Venus Capricorn being the “let’s wait and see” type, to the Ram’s urgent spontaneity.

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