What Modern Humans Really Want

Having written and done research on thousands of rich people, we have come up with a list of what modern humans really want. It seems that modern people nowadays have similarities. We like luxury, money, power, fame and everything that is connected with it. We examined the lives of billionaires and millionaires and realized they all have them. Some have more while some have less but definitely they all have them. To be able to enjoy these luxuries in life is no easy feat. Some got it through inheritance and thus we say that they are born with a silver spoon. They do not need to work a day of their life and they get to enjoy everything that money can buy. Others have earned it through their own sweat and tears and have lived to show us that hard work does indeed bring you the best in life.

Take a look at the pictorial manifestation of what humans really want and you will definitely agree with us that these is what we really want. If you do not agree you are definitely either fed up with this world or you are in your 70s or 80s. So, lets take a look at them below.

Money and Lots Of Em....

Who doesn't love money? We want more and more of them. Money allows us to buy the things that we want. It gives us the freedom to enjoy the luxuries this world has to offer.

Good Food

Its true. You might be lonely when you are up there. But hey, you definitely eat better.

Private Jet

This is definitely a symbol of status and power. Who could afford such expensive toys except the super rich?

Just look at the interior of the jet. I could definitely stay in this plane for a month.

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Friends In High Places

How about the President as your golf buddy? Or rubbing shoulders with the VP? Being labelled as the President's loyal and trusted friend does give one a sense of importance.

Expensive Art

Some collect stamps. Some collect watches. But the super rich collect one of a kind art that will never exist again. How about having a Van Gogh hanging in your living room?

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Fine Wine

Not only does it gladens the heart but it shows that you have an expensive taste. Wine is the symbol of sophisticated lifestyle.

Luxury Cars

Have you seen Tony Stark driving an Audi in Iron Man? That is so cool. Driving one of these babies to a club or bar makes it so easy to pick up hot chicks.

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Beautiful Wife

When you have status, power and fame how difficult is it to get a beautiful and sophisticated wife? Imagine going home everyday into the arms of Scarlett Johansson.

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Lots of Servants

Having a butler to service your every need without you lifting a finger is the ultimate way to enjoy life. I suppose all upper class people need one to tell the world that they are the elite.

Latest Gadget

So, Iphone 6 just came out and you are pretty fed up with Iphone 5 or the Samsung Tab. What....Iphone 7,8,9,10 is just around the corner? Nevermind, we can just change them everytime a new phone comes out. After all we got the money.

Luxury Handbags

It seems that Paris Hilton always could get the latest and coolest stuff from luxury goods makers. Sometimes even if you have the money you may not be able to get it unless you are well connected. What a great way to show off to your girlfriends that you are one of those special ones that have access to that limited edition Hermes bag.

Luxury Watches

We are not talking about that $5000 watch. How about a watch that costs $1.5 Million?


"How to win friends and influence people" is a great book by Dale Carnegie which was a hot seller. We all want great influence in life. If you got the money, you got big influence.

Superhuman Strength

Whether it is superhuman physical strength of fiscal strength, i think we all don't mind having this ability.

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Private Swimming Pool

I wonder why we humans always love swimming pools. Maybe its the appealing cooling water that refreshes our thirsty souls.


People want fame. And we all know this well. That's why we have the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


A few mansions in different parts of the country would be ideal. Every few months we can refresh our souls by changing our living environment.

Our Own Skyscraper

Do you know why Donald Trump named the towers after himself? Great to have your own name on a tall building.

Lots Of Hot Chicks

Thinking about those long beautiful legs and sexy curves will make most men drool. After all, men think not with their head but something below.

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Private Island

What....you own your own house and have a private beach? Tell you what, I got a private island. Just bought it for $150 Million.

Well there you have it.

Billionaires and millionaires we have covered have all these and they really do know how to enjoy life. I'm pretty certain that you too would love to have all this. Don't you say no. Yes we are born to want the best in life.

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