Vladimir Putin Net Worth
How Rich Is Russia's President

Vladimir Putin Net Worth Is $40 to $70 Billion.

Vlamidir Putin, the incumbent Russian President was born in Leningrad of the erstwhile United Socialist Secular Republic. His birthplace is now known as St. Petersburg in modern day Russia. Vladimir Putin is the face of ever growing Russia post the communist rule and subsequent division of the USSR. He has been a member of the KGB in his early days and then became a known name in global politics when he won the 2000 Presidential Elections in Russia. During his tenure he brought about a number of revolutionary changes in Russia. Under his leadership the political party United Russia has been able to hold the power through elections for more than a decade now. Many western countries allege him to be anti-democratic because of his stint as Prime Minister when Medvedev was elected the President and then coming back as the President in the last elections held in the May of 2012. 

Putin has a PhD from the Leningrad state university and is married. At the age of 61 he is the father of two children. Including all his assets, his net worth soars well beyond $40 billion. Some have said that his net worth is $70 Billion. This comes mainly in part due to his investments and shares in oil and petroleum conglomerates across Russia. He first came to power when the Russian economy as a whole was still suffering from the after effects of the split in the USSR. He then revolutionized the entire nation through his policies, bringing much needed stability in economic terms and the country has been progressing continuously under his leadership ever since, but this has come at the cost of anti-democratic labels from western governments because he has been the main figure in Russian Politics for so long. However, he still enjoys the love of the major part of the Russian population and that is the reason that he has been re-elected so many times to power. It looks certain that his net worth of more than $40 billion dollars will continue to rise as he remains a powerful figure in the global economy

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