Vanessa Paradis Net Worth

Vanessa Paradis Net Worth Is $150 Million

Born on December 22, 1972, Vanessa Paradis spent her childhood growing up in Saint-Maur-des-Fosses, France. Her parents were interior designers  in the area. When she was just 14 years old, Vanessa Paradis released the single, “Joe le taxi”. Following this release, she achieved international recognition and success. This song held the top spot in France for a total of 11 weeks and hit number three in the United Kingdom. By 1991, she was given the role of spokesmodel for Chanel. 

vanessa paradis net worth

To promote Coco by Chanel, she was decked out in feathers and placed in a cage like a bird. In addition to their perfume line, she also promoted their latest handbag in 2005. As a model, she has also promoted Miu Miu. This was followed by a move to the United States in 1992. While there, she worked with Lenny Kravitz and started a relationship with him. These years in the United States helped her to achieve fluency in English and she released her first English-language album. The music was written and produced by Lenny Kravitz and achieved the number one spot of French carts. 

how rich is vanessa paradis

In the United States, it only reached the 45th place. In 1993, Vanessa Paradis began her first international tour. This tour covered the United Kingdom, France and Canada. In addition to her music, she also was an actress in the film, “Elisa”, in 1994. She also appeared in “Un Amour de Sorciere”, “La Fille Sur le Pont” and “Une Chance Sur Deux”. 

vanessa paradis and johnny depp

In her personal life, Paradis was in a committed relationship with Johnny Depp from 1998 to 2002. Together, the couple had two children, but broke up in 2012. Although they never were officially married, Depp gave her half of his fortune anyway. Altogether, she has a current net worth that is estimated at $150 million. 

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