Top Toys For Millionaires?

Discretionary income is essentially what is left over after basic expenses are paid. And some people have more of it than others!  An average individual earning an average wage will spend his discretionary income on family vacations, clothes, entertainment or the occasional luxury item. What non-essentials do the wealthy focus on with their extra cash?

On The Road

bugatti veyron

This list wouldn’t be complete without a car or two, but McLaren and Lamborghini need to move over. The Bugatti Veyron Super Sport is in town and it’s not messing around.  This is the fastest street legal car in the world. This beast of a car can hit a top speed of 268 miles per hour. And you can enjoy getting to 60 mph in just 2.4 seconds for a mere $2.4 million.  

If superhero cars are more your speed, then you can have a replica of the Batmobile for $150,000.  But what kind of self-respecting rich person would want a replica?  S. Truett Cathy, billionaire owner of Chick-Fil-A, purchased the real thing for $250,000.  He owns the car used in Batman Returns.

In the Air

water jet pack

Jetpack! Need I say more? The JetLev Jetpack can propel you into the air at 25 miles per hour for just under $100,000. Need more panache? Like Microsoft’s co-founder, billionaire Paul Allen, you can collect and restore beautiful WWII planes. But if $100 million is more your style, then you can own a Boeing 757 private jet ala Donald Trump. To be just like “The Donald”, you’ll have to splash gold all over the interior.  

luxury private jet
luxury private jet interior

Water Play

underwater submarine

So, you enjoy the water, but don’t know what to do with your extra dollars. How about spending it on a Killer Whale Submarine or a Great White Shark Boat? Problem solved! The handsome shark boat is priced at $65,000. Not over-the-top enough? How about paying $100,000 for a 17-foot sub that allows you to go 25 miles per hour underwater (50 mph if you hydroplane)?  If you have a lot more to spend, try an Amphibious Truck? It’ll set you back over $1 million, but you’ll have a truck and a boat. Not a bad deal! 

amphibious truck

Indoor Fun

luxury bed

Sometimes the rich want to stay away from crowds and cameras. But what is there to do inside?  Well, you can always sleep on the spaceship bed you purchased for $18,000. But that’s small change for a millionaire. Paying almost half a million dollars for a fish tank bed is more like it! That’s exactly what Chad Javon Johnson did (formerly known as NFL player Chad Ochocinco).  But if you really do enjoy the space theme, try a levitating bed. For $1.6 million you can purchase a magnetic floating bed. Magnetic force lifts the bed 16 inches up. 

A Model Girlfriend

model girlfriend

It seems that today, millionaires and billionaires regard a model girlfriend as a luxury toy they must have. Who doesn't want to have a gorgeous girlfriend who is a model or some celebrity? Remember Dan Bilzerian and his instagram pics? Lots of hot chicks swimming around in his luxury mansion. But one does wonder can you really buy love?

Luxury Yacht

luxury yacht

Oh yeah, when you have a pretty girlfriend, where is the best place to show her off to your friends? Definitely a luxury yacht. Yachts don't come cheap. A nice one could cost hundreds of millions. But if you got the money, you can certainly afford this toy.

Other Millionaire Luxuries

ipad gold

What else is there to do inside? You can surf the web with your dinosaur bone-infused iPad (Gold History Edition). In addition to a dinosaur’s thigh bone, you have gems and a gold Apple logo to look forward to.This one’s a keeper. Literally!  With a price tag of $8 million, there’s no shipping this beauty off to the manufacturer for repairs.  

When you’re rich, there are a lot of gadgets to choose from. From household items, to planes, boats and automobiles; the sky’s the limit.  What’s your favorite millionaire toy?  

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