5 Top Oil Companies
That Dominate Our World

By Liz W. on March 11 2014

Top oil companies are making lots and lots of money as there exist a need for oil everywhere, and every day. I mean there is just no way a person can go without it. The most common use of oil is as gas in our cars. I mean how would we get around town, to social gatherings, and work without gas. In our case, we simply wouldn’t. Oil is like gold, it is precious. With a few companies monopolizing the industries, a need exist to define the top oil companies that dominate our planet. The list Includes: Royal Dutch Shell, Exxon Mobil Corporation, BP, China National Petroleum Corporation, and Sinopec Group. With all these great companies dominating the oil and gas industry, which one reigns supreme? 

1. Royal Dutch Shell - Top Oil Company #1

Shell makes the top of our list. Making over $467 billion dollars a year, this United Kingdom based company employs nearly 90,000 people. Shell was created in 1907 as a result of the Royal Dutch petroleum and UK-based Transport & Trading came together. The UK-based company is one of the Supermajors of the oil and gas industry. Not only does the oil company have stakes in major areas of the oil and gas industry, the company has some renewable energy projects in the works.

Shell has operations in almost every market around the globe, servicing 90 countries, and producing over three million barrels of oil and gas per day. The CEO of the company is Ben Van Beurden, with Jorma Ollila sitting as Shell chairman. 

2. Exxon Mobil Corporation 

Exxon is number two on our list, capping out at $453 billion. With over 76,000 employees, this Irving Texas based company cleans up nice. Exxon is also a member of the supermajors, with a one Mr., Rex W. Tillerson standing behind the company as its Chairman and CEO. The company was founded in 1999, as a merger between what was Exxon and Mobil. Not only is this company topping our list, but it made Forbes Global list last year. The company is home to nearly 37 oil refinery sites, and has a market within 21 countries. The company produces more barrels per day than shell, coming in at 6.3 million barrels a day. 

3. China National Petroleum Corporation 

China National Petroleum Corporation is worth $425 billion dollars. With its headquarters located in Beijing China, the company employs over 1.5 million people. This oil company was founded in 1968, and is headed by Chairman Zhou Jiping, and President Liao Yongyuan. The Company produces close to 3.7 billion barrels per day and services markets both nationally and internationally. 

4. Sinopec Group 

Sinopec Group comes in at number four. This China based oil and Gas Company has headquarters located in Beijing as well. The company is said to be worth $411 billion dollars, and employees 400,000 individuals. The company has, in the past, made the list of Top 500 Enterprises of China, The company services the People’s Republic of China, and has stake in the Hong Kong and Shanghai Stock Exchange. 

5. BP

Coming in last is our favorite; BP. BP is the predecessor of Amoco, ARCO, Standard Oil of Ohio, and two other companies. Originally founded in 1909 under the name Anglo-Persian Oil, the company was officially named just BP in 2001. The headquarters of British Petroleum (BP) is located in London and services markets everywhere. With over 20,000 service stations worldwide, BP still continues to grow. The company is said to have made $370 billion and employs 83,000 people worldwide. The company produces 3 million barrels per day and is headed by CEO Brian Gilvary and Bob Dudley. 

These top oil companies make it possible for each and every one of to use our gas to run cars, boats, other motor vehicles, and planes. So its no wonder that they are making lots of money from their businesses. 

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