Top 10 Richest Billionaires
In Their 90’s

By E Bishop Wooten

The purpose of this article is to take a look at the lives of billionaires around the world who are over 90 years old. There is actually more than ten so this list is subject to change as any one of these billionaires could be dead before the article is even published. There are even billionaires who didn’t make this list because they are still in their 80’s. 

Some of the notable facts concerning some of these billionaires:

  • The majority of billionaires just have a Bachelor’s degree, though there are some who didn’t get very far in college; that’s if they even made through high school. Remember Bill Gates is a Harvard flunkie. A few more decades and he will be on this list. 
  • Many of these billionaires made the bulk of their wealth off of investments, such as real estate, insurance, banking, or even inheritances passed down from successful business dealings from ancestors since some of these are family businesses. 
  • The most notable fact concerning these billionaires is that they are still working up to five days a week. It’s almost a known fact that people who work longer, live longer. 

10. Marcel Adams (Age 94) : Net Worth $1.2 Billion

This starts the list off with the poorest on this list. Adams is the largest landlord in Canada with about a hundred properties; everything from shopping centers, to residences, offices, and other industrial complexes.  Adams lives in Montreal but was born in Romania and got his start in the leather industry and then started investing in real estate back in the 1950’s.  He has four kids and was a survivor of the Holocaust during World War II. 

9.  George Joseph (Age 92) : Net Worth $1.4 billion

Most of Joseph’s wealth is made from insurance. George lives in Los Angeles, California with a wife and five kids. Of course they probably don’t still live at home at his age. Joseph is a Harvard graduate who founded Mercury General Corporation and still goes to his office as Chairman even in his 90’s. 

8. Sulaiman Al-Rajhi (Age 94) : Net Worth $2 Billion

All the way from Saudi Arabia, Sulaiman Al-Rajhi made his money from the Al-Rajhi Bank that he founded. His net worth is down to a couple billion after donating 20% of his fortune to fund education and anti-hunger efforts in his own country.  He also has agricultural projects in Africa and Eastern Europe, some of the biggest poultry farms in the gulf, and a family investment firm that he runs with his 23 children. 

7. Ingeburg Herz (Age 92) : Net Worth $2.2 Billion 

From Germany, we have the widow of Max Herz.  She inherited her coffee company from her late husband and runs it with her two sons. It is the best known brand of coffee in Germany. In addition to making most of her money off of the coffee business, Mrs. Herz also owns half of the publicly traded stock in a skincare company that is best known for the Nivea brand. She is one of the executives whose stakes are owned by a charitable entity that supports scientific, medical, and other educational pursuits. 

6. David Rockefeller Sr (Age 99) : Net Worth $3 Billion

Everybody knows about John D. Rockefeller and his Standard Oil Company that fueled the Industrial Revolution in the United States. His son went on to develop the famous Rockefeller Center in Midtown Manhattan that is best known for those late night variety shows. John Jr. also became the CEO of Chase National Bank and passed the family fortune down to David Sr. In addition to preserving his family’s philanthropy, David is an amateur coleopterologist with a collection of at least 160,000 beetles. 

5. Aloysio de Andrade Faria (Age 93) : Net Worth $3.4 Billion

In Brazil, we have a billionaire who started off as a doctor for a couple years until his father passed away suddenly and left the Banco Real to his son. The good doctor sold it to a Dutch Bank towards the end of the 20th century for $2.1 billion. He invested the money in a palm oil producer, a hotel chain, and a chain of home improvement stores, cultural centers, radio stations, and even a premium ice cream maker.  This billionaire spends his final days reading, admiring his 150 pure bred horses on a ranch in Brazil and trying to come up with an heir to his fortune since his five daughters have no interest in the family business. 

4. Karl Wlaschek (Age 97) : Net Worth $4.6 billion

Karl’s wealth actually increased fivefold since his 80th birthday when he sold his retail chain to a German Group. Karl used the profits to invest in hotels, palaces, and other historic buildings. A fun fact about this rich geyser is that he built a mausoleum on the grounds of one of these palaces, probably because he was looking for a good spot to be laid to rest upon his demise from this world. Lastly, Mr. Wlaschek recently took a 65 year old woman to be his fifth wife in April of 2012. So congratulations goes out to them on their long life together. 

3.  Kirk Kerkorian (Age 97) : Net Worth $4.4 billion

This is one of those success stories where everyone dreams of. Despite dropping out of school in the eighth grade, Kirk Kerkorian made it big in life. To think he probably wasn’t even voted most likely to succeed at anything. Kirk was a former boxer and a fighter pilot trainer during the Second World War. He launched his career in 1962 with a land purchase that eventually included a movie studio. Seven years later it became the MGM Hotel & Casino. 

2. S. Truett Cathy (Age 93): Net Worth $6.3 Billion

Living in Georgia, we have founder of restaurant chain Chick-Fil-A. Cathy’s business if more of a very large Mom & Pop chain since many of his grandchildren actually own franchises. The chain is also noted for being closed on Sundays so family members can attend worship services at their local church. 

1. Anne Cox Chambers (Age 94) : Net Worth $16.3 Billion

Anne is the surviving daughter of James M. Cox, who started this company with the purchase of the Dayton Evening News back in 1898.  Cox Enterprises later added cable, broadband, a car auction, and eventually Auto Trader Group with the latter increasing Anne’s wealth in recent years.  In the political world, she was also ambassador to Belgium under U.S. President Jimmy Carter and holds the French Legion of Honor title. 

There you have it.... the Top 10 Richest Billionaires from around the world. This list is subject to change as any one of these rich geysers could have died while this article was being written; in which case some other century old billionaire will move into the Top 10 List. That will be either #11 or the ones that are still currently in their late 80’s, or possibly not even a billionaire yet until they make some major acquisition. 

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