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Tiger Woods Net Worth $500 Million

Quick Facts

Net Worth: $500 Million

Source: Professional Golfing

Date of Birth: December 30th 1975

Nationality: American

tiger woods

Pre Professional Career

Like most prodigies, Woods started playing golf at a very young age. Believe it or not, he was introduced to the sport by his handicapped father at the age of two, and could beat his father at the game at the age of eleven. 

tiger woods young

His rise to fame began even before he began his professional golfing career. On The Mike Douglas Show In 1978, Tiger putted against Bob Hope on television. He was aged two at the time. He shot a 48 over nine holes over the Cypress Navy course at age three. And when he reached the age of five, he appeared on ABC's ‘That's Incredible’ in Golf Digest.

Just before he passed six, Tiger won the Under Age 10 section of the Drive, Pitch, and Putt competition, held at the Navy Golf Course in Cypress, California. At the age of eight in 1984, he won the 9–10 boys' event, at the Junior World Golf Championships. He continued on and tackled the Junior World Championships emerging as champion four times consecutively. His total wins in the Junior World Golf Championships is six times.

Woods then proceeded to break 70 at the age of 12

Woods joined his first major national junior tournament at the age of thirteen in 1989. In 1991, he was Golf Digest Junior Amateur Player of the Year and Southern California Amateur Player of the year.

tiger woods

Professional Career

In august 1996 Woods turned professional and was named sportsman of the year by Sports Illustrated. The next year he won a major tournament, “the Masters”. He is the youngest to win that tournament.

But even prodigies face problems; Woods hit this bump during 2003, not winning any major tournament during 2003 to 2004. He made his miraculous rebound during 2005, sweeping up six major PGA tour money events.

tiger woods

But one year later, after his rebound his father passed away and Tiger Woods retreated back into the woods and had a nine week hiatus. Upon his return, everyone believes him to have rusted. And yet again he betrays their expectations, winning six consecutive tournaments and had a total of 54 wins and 12 major wins

Woods then required undergoing Knee Surgery and returned for the 2008 U.S. open where he struggled and won. But after the tournament he went into hiatus to recuperate and did not return until 2009

In the year of his return to the field, Woods was caught ‘Playing the Field’ as his disloyalty to his wife came to light. That case received a lot of media coverage and caused several companies to end their endorsement with Woods.

Ever since then, his performance has been unstable, improving and deteriorating.

Medical Issues

Tiger Woods has undergone quite a few surgeries, notably his knee surgery during 2007 that caused his hiatus. Woods has also had laser eye surgery to fix his vision; he repeated the surgery when his sight began to fail again during 2007.

tiger woods wife

Tiger Woods and ex-wife Elin Nordegren


Woods was formerly married to Elin Nordegren. Together they had two children, San Alexis Woods (Daughter - 2007) and Charlie Axel Woods (Son - 2009). In 2009 Woods was held in the spotlight for his infidelity. As a result of that, he and his wife Nordegren divorced in August 2010

Interesting Facts about Tiger Woods

  • Tiger was literally a multi millionaire as soon as he started a professional golfing career
  • Woods was the youngest ever U.S. Junior Amateur champion until his record was broken by Jim Liu in 2010
  • Woods was voted "Most Likely to Succeed” in the graduating class.
  • Wood’s father spent the rest of his retired life boosting his son’s career and watching his son’s game.
  • Tiger Woods is said to have brought golf back to life, by winning tournaments spectacularly.

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