Top 7 Tech Companies in Israel that are Transforming our Lives

By Stephen Loke on April 1 2014 

To the rest of the world, Israel is known only as a religious mecca where Christianity started. Its contribution to the world of business is not really well known. More specifically, in the world of technology, not too many are aligned to the idea that Israel can boast of tech companies that are transforming lives in a major way. This is the story of how Israel is making waves in the tech world.

This story covers much of Israel’s business world where tech companies have taken a shine on. Basically, that means having the spotlight on them for being the top companies in their respective fields. From agri-tech to online retails, here are the top 7 Tech Giants that Israel has to offer the world:

Xsight Systems 

They are best known for the radar technology that’s helping Israel’s airport runway safe for travel. Keeping an airport runway safe by getting rid of debris is a very challenging feat but one that Israel has conquered because of this company’s leading solution called FODetect System – an FAA approved technology that used hybrid radar and electro-optical technology that detects foreign objects or debris scattered on a runway. If the airport has technology for detecting this debris before an airplane hits the runway, major accidents can be prevented, not to mention incur huge savings on clean up services.

Waze Mobile 

This Company sits on one of the top innovative companies in Israel because of its crowdsourcing GPS navigation. For the layman, that means having a GPS-based navigation application on your smartphone. What it does is to gather up map data, provide recommended routes and all other information based on the user’s personal data. With its 30-million strong users, they won’t be leaving this top post anytime soon.

Galil Software 

Winning the Prime Minister’s prize for Initiative and Innovation, this company’s promise is to set an example for young Arabs to make a name in the high-tech industry. For bringing tech jobs to Arabs who may have been overlooked in the tech world, they are keen on empowering the young Arab workforce. In fact, they provide opportunities for outsourcing software services from young Arab minds to show the world what difference they can make. 


This Company has proved that web video can be democratized in Israel. That means that their open source HTML5 platform can be used by anyone in the world. Today, this technology is used by many media outlets, web publishers and educational services worldwide. 


Curing patients by non-invasive procedures used to be a thing of the future but thanks to this company (partly owned by GE), that technology is here. It’s known to cure patients without ever operating on them. They created a piece of tech that works like an MRI machine and performs to the degree of efficiency as an ultrasound technology. What it does is to find and destroy tumors inside the body. It’s FDA approved so it’s being currently used as a pain treatment for bone metastases.


They developed a technology that’s savings water. It has solved the problem of water utility providers around the world by detecting many problems without digging for them or waiting for water to run wasted when a zone is breached. Their technology uses data and algorithm to detect errors, breaches, faults and inefficiencies in their systems. With London, Australia and other parts of Europe as their biggest clientele, who can argue with their scale?


How would you like to control your appliances with a wave of hand? Yes, it can actually be done by a technology called virtual touch space. You now have the ability to sit in your sofa and control your window blinds or lamps from a distance by waving a hand from a distance. Like all other technologies made in Israel, there’s a very good opportunity now to invest and take their talent and services on the global mass market. If the leads are promising today, the future for Israel does look bright. 

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