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The Sultan of Brunei or known as Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah is the ruler of Brunei with a net worth of $19.5 Billion. He is one of the richest royals in the world and controls a nation that is rich with oil. One thing that a rich person can enjoy is a life of luxury living. The Sultan certainly knows how to pamper himself. He likes to play badminton, enjoys a nice cigar, race cars and have a collection of cars which numbers up to 7000 according to rumors. When we say collection of cars, it does not refer to those miniature model cars you have in your house. We mean real, beautiful and expensive cars!

sultan of brunei cars

Having one Lamborghini or a Ferrari is definitely not enough for the Sultan. Not satisfied with one, the Sultan have hundreds of cars from luxurious brands. He has:

  • 604 Rolls Royce’s
  • 574 Mercedes-Benz
  • 452 Ferrari’s
  • 382 Bentley’s
  • 209 BMW’s
  • 179 Jaguar’s
  • 134 Koenigsegg
  • 21 Lamborghini’s
  • 11 Aston Martin’s
  • 1 SSC

With such an amount of cars, one does wonder how he fills up all the tanks of the cars. Anyway, that is really not a problem since Brunei is such an oil rich country. The total worth of his cars is said to be around $5 Billion. That's again not a problem when you have a net worth of around $20 Billion. Being a public figure and king, all of his cars are bullet proof and feature state of the art technology.

sultan of brunei cars

Such was his reputation as an avid car collector that luxurious brands such as Mercedez made specially custom made cars for him. That means there is only one of a kind in the world and it belongs to the Sultan. They are not meant for public consumption. Special custom made cars include the special S-class Touring model designed just for the Sultan, a yellow Mercedes Sprinter with a red interior and the only right hand drive Mercedes-Benz CLK-GTR in the world. Oh, by the way, the Sultan also has a gold plated Mercedes in his collection.

sultan of brunei cars

With more than 450 Ferrari's in his collection, the Sultan is one of the top collectors of Ferrari's in the world. He has Ferraris like Ferrari FX, Ferrari F40, Ferrari 456 GT Sedans, Ferrari Testarossa F90, Ferrari F50 Bolide Tub by Pininfarina. The Sultan also owns 2 Ferrari Mythos.

sultan of brunei cars
sultan of brunei cars
sultan of brunei cars
sultan of brunei cars

Of course, if you are a car lover, your collection will not be complete without BMWs. The Sultan has more than 200 of these in his collection. Perhaps the favorite car of the Sultan are Rolls-Royce as he has the most number (more than 600) of this brand in his arsenal of cars. His love for these super luxurious cars is so great that he orders his servants to keep a Rolls-Royce in front of his palace with the engine running 24-7, just in case he needs to go somewhere at the spur of the moment.

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