How Steven Spielberg Became A Famous Director and Multi-Billionaire

We all love him and we love his movies even more: the legendary Steven Spielberg. By all standards, he is one of the most prolific directors of his time. Consequently, he has won numerous awards the most notable being the 3 Oscars he won for Schindler’s List and Saving Private Ryan.

Moreover, Steven is also a co-founder of DreamWorks Studios. Clearly, with his movies having made $9 billion over the years, it is not a surprise that Spielberg is worth $3.4 billion and counting.

In fact, he was the highest earning celebrity in 2013 having made a staggering $100 million dollars from various projects.

steven spielberg

Steven Spielberg the world famous director has a net worth of $3.4 Billion

Early Days

Steven Allan Spielberg was born to an Orthodox Jewish family in Cincinnati on 18th December, 1946. However, for him, growing up was no walk in the park.

As a young boy, Steven was often embarrassed by his family’s different way of living. But that wasn’t the worst of it; Spielberg suffered several beatings from anti-Semitic bullies. All the same, he did not let these haters define him, he had a gift and the world was going to see it, come what may.

An Enterprising Young Mind

From a very young age Steven had a way with cameras, he made various short films with his friends. In fact, he earned his Scouts’ photography merit badge by making a short film called The Last Gunfight.

However, Spielberg was not just artistic, he was also a clever little boy as far as making money went. You see, he showed his films to others at a fee and was making some money off his talent. Soon, his talent would be putting food on his table.

steven spielberg director

Steven Spielberg with Tom Hanks

Fame And Fortune

Spielberg caught his big break in 1968 while working as in intern at the Universal Studios. He made Amblin that caught the attention of his bosses. They saw his potential and gave him a long-term deal as a director. He was the youngest long-term director ever. 

Steven had landed a lucrative contract and there was no stopping him. His creative juices flowed and the world cheered as he gave us Jaws, Men in Black, E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial and so many others from a seemingly endless list.

What’s more, the big screen is not his only host, no, even television knows his name. He is the man behind E.R., The Pacific, Taken and of course many others. What else can we say, Spielberg has hit the jackpot! His productions have placed him squarely among the wealthiest people on the face of the earth.

Amblin Entertainment and DreamWorks Studios

Being a great business mind, Spielberg founded Amblin Entertainment in 1984. This production company wowed the world with Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, Twister, The Mask of Zorro and numerous other blockbusters.

Still hungry for success, Steven went further and teamed up with David Geffen and Jeffrey Katzenberg to create DreamWorks Studios in 1994. Obviously what followed were more amazing works including Letters from Iwo Jima, Transformers and Meet the Parents.

Amblin continues to be mainly a production company while DreamWorks was sold to Paramount Pictures although Spielberg is still a Principal Partner.

steven spielberg awards

The amount of awards that Spielberg has won are too numerous too count. He is perhaps the greatest director we have in modern history.

Unhealthy Fascinations

Spielberg has a myriad of adoring fans around the world, which is only natural considering his work. All the same, some people have taken this intrigue to abnormal levels.

The most notable among these was Jonathan Norman who was sentenced to 25 years for felony stalking having hatched a plan to rape Steven once he had gained access to the Spielberg home.

In another case, Diana Napolis, accused Jennifer Love Hewitt and Spielberg of mind control. She was barred from having any contact with the two after admitting to stalking them.

Fortunately, even after such experiences, Spielberg hasn’t hang up his boots and continues to mesmerize the world with his works in spite of the dangerous people out there.

Lessons From Steven Spielberg

Steven Spielberg has definitely made his mark in the entertainment industry. From being bullied as a boy to becoming a household name with bucket-loads of money. We can all learn a few life lessons from him. Here are a few:

  • People’s hateful opinions don’t determine who you become.
  • Your talent can take you to unbelievable heights.
  • Ignore the bumpiness of the road and keep doing what you love.

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