25 Steve Jobs Facts That
Will Surprise You

25 facts about steve jobs that will surprise you

Even after his is gone, people still look for Steve Jobs facts. About 2000 searches a month. We often wonder why, but one thing can't be denied is that this man left us something that this generation has grown up with. The name APPLE. Apple Inc is where it is because of its charismatic pioneer Steve Jobs. Today the company is worth billions of dollars, $568 Billion to be exact at the time of writing this article. The stock of Apple Inc took a dip upon the death of Steve Jobs but has since risen to new highs. Although, Steve Jobs is not here with us today, his legacy through Apple will linger around for years to come. Here are 25 Steve Jobs facts that you probably didn’t know about. 

  1. The man chose the name Apple Inc for his company because it came before the company Atari in the phone book. Jobs had earlier worked for Atari and it looks like it certainly didn’t work out well for him.
  2. Jobs is one of the few people to be fired from their own company. The disagreement occurred when Jobs wanted to reduce the price of the underperforming Macintosh. This matter was taken to the Board of Directors and they were not in favor of Jobs. Thus, the firing occurred. 
  3. Jobs and Steve Wozniak’s custom made digital blue box through which telephone systems could be hacked was sold for $100. This machine could also call anyone in the world; all this work took place before the establishment of Apple. 
  4. Earlier in the 80s, Jobs was a fan of Adobe Systems. When Adobe co-founder Charles Geschke refused to sell the company, things got sour and Apple decided to remove Adobe’s Flash from their systems. 
  5. Natalie Portman and Susan Sarandon were part of the movie “Anywhere But Here” which was dedicated to him. The movie was based on a book and Jobs’s sister Mona Simpson had written it. 
  6. During his younger days, Steve Jobs was no stranger to the drug LSD. He has often credited the drug to leading him to think outside the box. 
  7. He was part of the CEOs who took home $1 in salary on a yearly basis since 1997.
  8. Like most overachievers, Steve Jobs too dropped out of college. 
  9. Steve is originally of Syrian Muslim descent. His biological father was Abdulfattah Jandali whereas his mother was an American. Their marriage couldn’t take place due to countless opposition. Thus, Jobs was immediately put up for adoption.
  10. Jobs was close to being a vegetarian. Besides fish, he didn’t indulge in any other meat products. 
  11. The man was a pretty good liar. When he received $5000 from Atari for doing a job, he gave his co-partner Steve Wozniak only $350 saying he had received $700. They had earlier agreed to split the pay 50-50.
  12. Jobs got the opportunity to intern in Hewlett Packard when he was only 12 years old.
  13. Steve Jobs became a friend of Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak in their high school. At that time, Jobs was only 13 whereas Wozniak was 18. 
  14.  Upon returning to Apple Inc for the second time in the mid 90s, he got rid of Apple’s products and gave it away to Stanford University. 
  15. Steve Jobs was a smooth talker with the ladies. His brief fling with folk singer Joan Boaz was well documented. That relationship didn’t last long as Joan Boaz was courted away by musician Bob Dylan. 
  16. Unlike Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs wasn’t a good student. His GPA back in school was only 2.65/4. 
  17. Before founding Apple, Steve Jobs wanted to be a Buddhist Monk. He was highly influenced by their lifestyles upon his travels to India. 
  18. The co-founder of Apple, Ronald Wayne sold his 10% shares for $800 only after 2 weeks of the company’s running. If he had kept it, he would have been $22 billion richer. 
  19. Rumors have it that the S in iPhone 4s and iPhone 5s means Steve.
  20. The man was known to be dyslexic and reportedly owned over 100 Levi jeans.
  21. Steve Jobs married Laurene Powell Jobs on March 18, 1991. His wife graduated from Stanford with a Masters Degree in Business Administration.
  22. Steve Jobs made his entire Macintosh team sign on a piece of paper. The signs would be imprinted on a metal plate that would be in every Macintosh computer. 
  23. In order to know if his employees were trustworthy, Steve Jobs would make them work on fake projects.
  24. The California law states that a minimum of 6 months is given to new cars to obtain license plates. Steve Jobs made sure he used the loophole in the law to his advantage. He would never use license plate on his cars because he would change cars every 6 months. 
  25. Jobs mentored Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page. 

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