Staying Healthy Like A Millionaire
3 Habits That Separate Them From The Poor

The wealthy tend to be disciplined.  They know that it takes hard work to make and keep fortunes.  You can hire people to help manage your life, but when you have millions, blind trust isn’t advisable.  Others will not necessarily share your values or goals.  They may not be as motivated to earn/spend in the same way you do.  That’s why it’s important to stay on top of things.  How do the rich keep healthy and aware?

1. Wake up Early

We’ve heard it said that there’s not enough time in the day.  This is especially true when you have a lot of demands on your time.  The affluent understand that time is very limited, and they combat it by starting their days very early.  

They do not waste opportunities by watching TV or browsing the web for hours at a time.  They tend to plan and focus on goals.  44% of wealthy wake up three hours before work starts.  Getting up early allows them time to think, write “to do” lists and hone in on what they expect to accomplish.

2. Exercise Regularly

The other thing early rising allows is sufficient time for exercise.  Aerobic movement is important and at the very top of the list for the prosperous. The rich have a deep appreciation for the need to keep fit.  

Being sharp is what allows them to continue to work and play.  76% of the rich exercise 4 days per week while only 23% of the poor do this.  In addition to helping us keep strong, exercise has the additional benefit of increasing energy and reducing stress.  Adding exercise to your day is one of the best ways to increase your quality of life.

3. Eat Healthy Food

Another way to keep resilient is to focus on a nutritional diet.  But what does that mean?  It means focusing on the right quantities of items from all food groups in order to maintain a healthy life.  It means shooting for a balanced way of healthy eating.  

The well-to-do keep away from all forms of garbage.  On a daily basis, 70% of the rich consume less than 300 junk food calories.  In contrast, 97% of the poor eat more than 300 junk food calories.  Grabbing a quick meal may be necessary occasionally due to time constraints, but the rich try to limit processed food as much as possible.

Processed foods are transformed from their regular state for convenience or safety, but they’re not very good for our systems.  Aiming for a healthy diet keeps disease and weight in check.  

Be Like A Healthy Millionaire

The mind and soul also need to be fed, so learning and reading is vital. The wealthy tend to get up early, eat healthy food and exercise on a regular basis.  The affluent know that if they get up early, they will have more time in the day to do the things they have to do.  Good food and exercise keeps them healthy so they can keep on top of their demanding schedules.  What positive changes can you make to stay fit and aware?

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