Most of these Startups may have been unknown to the public until they’ve all reported a billion dollars’ worth of profits in 3 – 4 years since their founding. What’s the secret to their success, you ask? They’ve harnessed the power of using the Internet and what they learned from it is worth more than the money they’re making each day.

startups that became billion dollar companies

Here’s a takeaway form all these companies: Being top dollar means the work never stops. That’s what these companies have realized ever since hitting the profit scale of billion dollar proportions. In case you’re interested to know what these companies are, here’s a list of the top 5 startups that have become billion dollar companies in no time:


Xiaomi is a consumer electronic company that has been creating smartphones and applications in Beijing, China.  The company is now valued at $10 Billion and was founded only in 2010.

That surging rise to profits was due to the consumer’s loyalty in buying their low priced smartphones. It’s a serious competition for Apple because it’s predicting the same success when it turns global soon.


Despite having helped many large named banks and corporations even government agencies, in sorting out large amounts of information, this company is virtually unknown.

But with $9 Billion worth of profit, their success is met by the founder’s respect for securing private information in financial institutions. Alexander Karp (founder) knows how important it is to keep things sacred and locked from outside interference. This is why the U.S. marines now use this technology for forensic analysis. It’s not a bad feat for a Californian native.


Germany’s online retail brand has been selling clothing and other products dedicated to fashion since 2008. They distribute magazines periodically to feature their best products for the season.

For a company that was inspired by Zappos, they’ve churned it net profits of $4.9 Billion by tapping the European market alone. Imagine what they can do if they venture out to the rest of the world.

Woodman Labs

This is the company behind the GoPro cameras. This small waterproof camera owes its fame to the intensive marketing done via social media. Woodman Labs knows that by tapping into the global reach of social media marketing, humble products like the GoPro can make a whirlwind of difference.  

Athletes, pop stars and anyone who has an active lifestyle can make use of an HD camera that’s basically life proof. Because of this success, their profits stand at $2.3 Billion strong by partnering up with Foxconn Technology Group.


Investing a technology meant for the Chinese market can never go wrong. Imagine what your profits would be like if a billion pf its population bought your services even once.

If you still can’t calculate that, try launching a search engine in China and you’ll see what that is like. This company enables a fast browsing of text, images, music and maps online while detecting malicious software on websites that you browse.

With over 10 billion pages of search results and a daily log of 500 million, their $1.3 Billion profit is more than justified. Any startup with a formula for hard work and success can see profits like these companies have earned. All they have to do is perfect their platform and sell with the best arsenal they’ve got – the Internet

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