S Robson Walton
Wal-Mart Heir

By Susan Warren on March 22 2014

S Robson Walton Net Worth : $34 Billion

Christened as Samuel Robson Walton, Rob Walton as he is fondly called by people close to him is the eldest son of Wal-Mart founder Sam and Helen Walton. Since 2012, he has held the position of  Chairman of Wal-Mart. His net worth has reached US $34 billion in 2014 he is listed the 10th richest person in the US.


Robson Walton, along with other Walton family members, has 49% shared ownership of Wal-Mart Shares. These shares are controlled by the Walton Enterprise, a holding company owned by the Walton family that he manages together with his siblings. Aside from the dividends and capital gains that he gets from his Wal-Mart stocks, he is also under the company’s payroll. As a chairman of the board, his annual salary amounts to US $235,000. He is also affiliated with Madrone Capital Partners, an investment affiliated firm managed by his son-in-law Greg Penner.

Issues as Chairman

Robson Walton has served as the chairman of the board of directors for twenty years and during the span of his leadership, he has met a lot of disappointments from other non-Walton shareholders. In a recent shareholder’s meeting held in early 2013, non-Walton shareholders voted against re-electing Robson Walton as the chairman.

The New York City Pension Funds, CaISTRS voted against Walton and so did the State of Wisconsin Investment Board due to concerns related to the board’s oversight of its operational as well as reputational risks. But despite these setbacks and a massive call for a new and independent director, Rob Walton still got the majority of the votes. 

Personal Life

Samuel Robson Walton is the eldest son of Wal-Mart founder Sam and Helen Walton. He attended College of Wooster and graduated from the University of Arkansas with a bachelor’s degree in business administration.  He obtained his juris doctor degree from the Columbia University School of Law in 1969. 

Despite his billionaire status, Robson lives a low key profile—it’s hard to find documents with regards to his and his family’s personal lives and lifestyle. He is divorced twice and has five children.

In one interview with Rob Walton, it stated that Robson is a smart guy and attacks business ideas and problems with an analytical mind. His office in the Wal Mart headquarters is smaller than the CEO’s which sends out the message that at WalMart, there is no preferential treatment.

Philanthropic Activities

Robson Walton is also very active in engaging with philanthropic activities. Together with his siblings, he manages the Walton Family Foundation which is the charitable arm of Walton Enterprises. 

Interesting Facts about Robson Walton

  • Robson loves flying a Falcon jet and he also races vintage sports cars.
  • Due to his passion for vintage cars, his car collection includes a 1970 Lotus, a Scarab and a Cobra. He also commissioned a gold Ferrari in 2009.
  • He was divorced twice in 1970 and in 2000 and has five children.
  • Robson Walton was one of the individuals involved in the creation of the Walton Enterprises.
  • He is also responsible for the Initial Public Offering (IPO) of Wal-Mart in the New York Stock Exchange in 1970. 
  • Robson Walton has contributed about $217,000 in the candidacy of most republican candidates in the 2008 elections.
  • His passions are: South American bio-safari, geese hunting in Canada and cycling in France.

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