Chelsea Football and Roman Abramovich: The Story of a Sports Billionaire

Roman Abramovich and some of his Chelsea fans

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He’s a self-made billionaire now with stakes in Steel and football. Russia would be lucky to have this man rise up from simple beginnings to growing a fortune worth $14.2 Billion. He is known in his country as their 5th richest person. But to the rest of the world, he is more popularly recognized as the owner of English League Football team Chelsea Football Club. 

Fans of the football team would be grateful for his contribution to the world of football. Despite his enigmatic presence, only a few people truly know what this reclusive multibillionaire is thinking. He shuns away from the world’s media to an extent but this is already something he can’t shake from his childhood. This is the story of Russia’s billionaire and oligarch, Roman Abramovich.

The Orphan’s Tale

He was born Roman Arkadyevich Abramovich in the deep Siberian territory of Russia. He became an orphan early in his life. He was said to have grown up with very little confidence about himself. But what little is known of his childhood is surpassed by tales of his aspiration and ambition in the world of Russian business and politics.

What he is today, he owes to his diminutive past. Because he grew up unsure of what his future would be like, he sought out to create his own destiny. With that, he was able to shape his own character as the businessman and the sports fanatic he is today. 

His Influence in Russia

He learned early in life how hard it would be if you grew up in a communist country and not be among the affluent. So he set out to make a name as a businessman back when he was an army soldier serving his mother country. He has always been selling something – rubber ducks from his apartment, retreaded car tires on a sideline and making dolls for a living. 

When the opportunity for privatization in Russia came up, he registered his company legally and he never stopped working a day in his life. Within a few years, his wealth grew from his investments. Eventually he’d be founding companies within the oil industry. However, controversy never left his side, as he would be sent to prison or would be sued for various allegations involving theft, bribery and violation of Russia’s antitrust law. 

He was smart and he won lawsuits without ever feeling the need to explain his actions. His political connections would help him conquer a lot of his controversies. He’s been known to be affiliated with Russian former president Boris Yeltsin.

Today, the name Abramovich would be synonymous to ruthless leadership when it comes to making decisions for Chelsea Football Club. Many of the league’s fans would remember his firing out all of the team’s managers with haste. And the world would never know why he did it. 

He’d be making decisions based on gut and he has never felt the need to tell the world why. Not even when the whole world wants him to. Abramovich is a famous recluse in spite of his big bank account. Not too many of his kind of rich would be so camera shy. But to him, it’s all because he values his privacy and his life pretty well.

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