10 Richest Zip Codes in America

By Abhinandan Lawati

Anyone would jump at the opportunity of living in one of the wealthiest neighborhoods around. Today, we are going to learn a thing or two about some of the richest zip codes in America. As the title suggests, we will be monitoring wealthy neighborhoods in America.This list is the product of research conducted by the research engine, FindTheBest, which based their data on the 5 year averages from the American Community Survey. BusinessInsider and Time Magazine also have the same list therefore, we will take the view that these zip codes are indeed the richest places to live in America.

Here are some interesting relevant facts for you to dwell on.

  1. Residents in the 10 wealthiest zip codes are relatively more educated than the rest. More than 80% people living in rich neighborhoods are known to at least possess a bachelor’s degree.
  2. Most of the people living in the rich neighborhoods are Caucasians.
  3. The unemployment rates are understandably lower in the wealthy neighborhoods with most of them being under 5%
  4. 70% people in those neighborhoods are identified to be married.
  5. On an average, 87% people in the wealthy neighborhoods pay a monthly mortgage of $2,000.

1. Zip Code : 07078 (Short Hills, New Jersey)

This tranquil locality is the ideal place for some of the richest residents in New York. 69.4 % of households in this locality have an annual income of more than $150k.

2. Zip Code : 22039 (Fairfax Station, Virginia)

This locality houses more elderly people than any other city in this list. 67.8% of households in this neighborhood have been identified to enjoy revenues of more than 150k annually.

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3. Zip Code : 06883 (Weston, Connecticut)

The neighborhood of Weston, Connecticut is home to some of the wealthiest Americans. Around 67.3% of households enjoy annual earnings of at least 150k.

While the residents of the top 10 richest zip codes live in luxury, the average income of Americans are only $51,939 in 2013

4. Zip Code : 22066 (Great Falls, Virginia)

Most of the residents in Green Falls, Virginia earn their livelihood working in DC. This locality possesses around 67% of households generating more than $150k on a yearly basis.

5. Zip Code : 10514 (Chappaqua, New York)

New York is one the most expensive cities in the world. Seeing a representative from the Big Apple shouldn’t surprise anybody. 63.7 % of households in this locality have an annual income of more than $150k.

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6. Zip Code : 20854 (Potomac, Maryland)

According to reports, 62.4% of households in this neighborhood enjoy earnings of more than 150k per year. Most of the people living here are retired professionals.

7. Zip Code : 21029 (Clarksville, Marryland)

62.2% of households in Clarksville, Maryland have been identified to generate revenues exceeding the $150k mark. This zip code also holds the title of being the most diverse in this list.

The average income of the world's residents are only $10,000 per person per year

8. Zip Code : 06820 (Darien, Connecticut)

59.7 % of households in this locality have an annual income of more than $150k. This locality is predominantly occupied by Caucasians- around 95% of the people living here are white.

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9. Zip Code : 76092 (Southlake, Texas)

Around 59.7% of households in Southlake, Texas enjoy earnings of more than $150k annually. This neighborhood is considered to be the most modern locality with most home construction taking place only after 1995.

10. Zip Code : 22101 (McLean, Viginia)

In this expensive suburb, around 57.8% households generate more than $150k annually. The locality is home to some of the most influential people in the government. 

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