The Richest YouTubers In The World

richest youtubers in the world

Guess how much can a YouTuber make in a year? 

$500, $3000, $50,000?

Wrong! The answer is in the tens of millions! In fact, the richest YouTuber on our list has earned an estimated $18 Million.

It is no secret that YouTube has exploded and has become the number one place to go to watch videos on the internet. It has become so popular among people that it now receives more views than actual television. It comes as no surprise when a lot of people have achieved fame through this site and earn their livings solely through YouTube. Here are the richest YouTubers in 2014:

PewDiePie : $18 Million

pewdiepiePewDiePie from Sweden captures the throne of this list

The number one in the list of richest YouTubers this year is Pewdiepie.  He mostly makes videos about video games and has record breaking views on his channel. He tops the list with a total earnings of $18 million and 3.7 billion views and counting in his channel.

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Smosh : $16 Million


Smosh – Coming in close second in this list of richest YouTubers is Smosh. Unlike most YouTube channels, this one is led by a duo comprised of Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla. Their wacky and creative videos have captured the hearts of many YouTube viewers and have raked in over 2.8 billion views and a total of $16 million.

Ray William Johnson : $15 Million


Epitomizing the personal and creative side of  YouTubers is Ray. With his show, he has garnered a lot of fans and dough. He has a total of 2.6 billion views on YouTube and earned a total of $15 million.

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BlueXephos : $14 Million

Much like Pewdiepie, this channel makes it in the prestigious list of richest YouTubers with video game vids. They have a total of 2.3 billion views and $14 million in earnings.

BluToys : $13 Million

With almost a million subscribers and 1 Billion plus views, this youtube channel is dedicated to reviewing toys such as cars, play doh and disney products. Well, I guess toys really does bring happiness to people, especially those who sell them and review them.

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Disney Collector : $13 Million

Who ever is associated with Disney seems to be able to make a lot of money. You shouldn't be surprised since there are so many kids and not so young kids who love everything about Disney. This channel has about 2 Million subscribers and almost 2 Billion views.

SkyDoesMineCraft : $13 Million

Imagine having an audience of 10 Million subscribers. All these people are only interested in one thing. The stupid but yet successful game called Minecraft. The owner of this channel is rolling in money and he is not slowing down.

Real Annoying Orange : $13 Million

real annoying orange

Anybody who constantly visits YouTube is sure to be familiar with the annoying orange, a character so annoying and charming at the same time that he rakes in more than 2 billion views and $13 million in earnings.

TobyGames : $10 Million

Also making it on our list of the richest YouTubers is TobyGames with 1.5 billion views and a total earning of $10 million.

Jenna Marbles : $9.1 Million

jenna marblesProbably the most famous woman in YouTube

Hailed as the most popular woman in YouTube, Jenna makes a lot with a total of $9.1 million and as much as 1.3 billion views on her channel. Surely, she is one girl that the internet would never forget.

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Captain Sparklez : $8.4 Million

Starting out as a YouTuber making videos about Minecraft tutorials, Captain Sparklez went on to extend his videos to gaming videos and even parodies. He has earned over $8.4 million with his 1.2 billion views.

UberHaxorNova : $7.7 Million

Another great gaming guru turned YouTuber is UberHaxorNova. He has garnered a total of 1.1 billion views on his channel with earnings of over $7.7 million.

Epic Rap Battles : $5.4 Million

eric rap battles

Epic Rap Battles- What better to settle hypothetical historical conflicts than with a good rap battle? Nicepeter has captured a lot of hearts and has earned a lot of money with a total of almost 1 billion views and about $5.4 million in earnings.

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YouTube has proved to be a great place for creative minds and has rewarded their channels very handsomely.  Some of these creative minds went on to become the richest YouTubers. With such low cost and large income potential, anyone could do it. Perhaps you could start a channel about the things that interest you and have a following which will help you earn millions!

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