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Top 10 Richest Wrestlers

Is it any wonder that most wrestlers end up or lead double lives as actors? After all, what wrestling fans usually see inside the ring is just acting. The blood and gore, the gut-wrenching growls and screams, the silly nicknames, costumes and speeches, the super dumb referees – it’s theatrics at its best.  Oh, but the wrestlers’ huge pay, beautiful mansions and luxury cars are very real! Here are the 10 richest professional wrestlers who made a killing pretending to maim or kill somebody. 

The Rock Net Worth $70 Million *

Dwayne Johnson, nicknamed “The Rock” inside the ring, is definitely rock-solid rich. The 6’5” semi-retired professional wrestler-cum-actor whose father and grandfather were  also professional wrestlers scored 17 championships in World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc., plus 10 world titles. He crossed over to acting as the “Scorpion King” via the movie The Mummy Returns. A slew of successful stints in movies followed. 

The Rock

Stone Cold Net Worth $45 Million 

Steve Austin a.k.a. “Stone Cold” is a retired professional wrestler but his stint in the ring earned him a reputation as among the most ferocious of them all. He has 21 championships under his belt. Like Johnson, he has also ventured into acting. 

Stone Cold

John Cena Net Worth $35 Million 

John Felix Anthony Cena alias “John Cena”, “The Prototype”, “Juan Cena”, and “Mr. P.” worked as a limousine driver and voice actor before he found fame and fortune as a wrestler. He has won 21 WWE championships. Off the ring he is adored even by non-wrestling fans because of his good looks. John Cena has also branched out into rapping and acting.  

John Cena

Stephanie McMahon Net Worth $25 Million 

Don’t be fooled by her hot looks; this gal can definitely kick ass! Former professional wrestler Stephanie Marie McMahon held the WWF Women’s Championship title once. She now works as chief brand officer for WWE. She is married to another wrestler, Paul Michael Levisque. 

Stephanie McMahon

Triple H Net Worth $25 Million * 

Known in the ring as “Triple H” and “Hunter Hearst Helmsley”, Paul Michael Levisque is also an actor and business executive. He has won 23 WWE championships.  He is the husband of Stephanie McMahon. 

Triple H

Kurt Angle Net Worth $20 Million 

Professional wrestler and actor Kurt Angle is the only Olympic gold medalist to ever fight in WWE. The Pennsylvania native broke several records in wrestling, including being the only wrestler to score both the King of the Ring (WWE) and King of the Mountain (TNA) titles. He is also an actor. 

Kurt Angle

The Big Show Net Worth $20 Million 

Born Paul Randall Wight, Jr. alias “The Big Show” and “The Giant” is a seven-time world WWE champion. The 7-foot-tall South Carolina native has also appeared in films and television series. 

The Big Show

Chris Jericho Net Worth $18 Million 

Christopher Keith Irvin a.k.a “Chris Jericho” to WWE fans is a semi-retired professional wrestler. He is also an actor, rocker, author and businessman.  He is the host of robot combat TV program, Robot Combat League. 

Chris Jericho

Shawn Michaels Net Worth $17 Million 

Michael Shawn Hickenbottom, otherwise known as “Sean Michaels” or “Shawn Michaels” in the WWE world, is a retired professional wrestler. He was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2011. He is considered to be one of the best professional wrestlers of all time.

Shawn Michaels

The Undertaker Net Worth $16 Million 

Mark William Callaway, nicknamed “The Undertaker” in the ring due to his macabre gimmicks, is WWE’s most tenured wrestler. WrestleMania’s lone undefeated player is an eight-time world wrestling champion.  Like many others on this list, this 48-year-old is also an actor. 

The Undertaker

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