Top 7 Richest Women In The Middle East

the richest women in the middle east

Women in the Middle East don’t always enjoy the facilities and the freedom of the west. They are often ostracized from the world with burquas draped to their bodies. Although, opportunities are far and less, some of them have used their limited opportunities to thrive in a world dominated by men. Here, we take a look at some of the richest women in the Middle East.  

1. Lubna Suliman Olayan and family Net Worth :$11.9 billion

Lubna operates the majority of her family’s enterprises. Along with her family, Lubna has a net worth of $11.9 billion. With her post as the CEO of Olayan Financing Company, the woman is considered highly influential in the field of business. Her company has shares in over 40 companies that include the likes of Coca Cola and Burger King. Her shares in ABN AMRO also contribute significantly to her total net worth. 

2. Shari Arison Net Worth : $4.3 billion

Shari Arison hails from Israel and has a fortune of $4.3 billion. She has inherited most of her money and continues making more through the ownership of Cruise line Behemoth and company Arison Investments. The business woman holds a degree in Arts and Science and is known to be the richest woman in Israel.

Her company Arison Investment ensures the smooth operation of the largest consumer bank of Israel, Bank Hapoalim. She spends her leisure time in her residence in Tel Aviv, Israel. Her personal life hasn’t been as successful as her professional life. Shari Arison has been through 3 failed marriages in her life so far. She can only take pride in the birth of 4 children that resulted from her marriages. 

3. Nayla Hayek Net Worth : $3.10 billion

Although Nayla doesn’t stay in the Middle East, she still bears Lebanese origins. Her late father’s establishment of the watch company Swatch Group catapulted the family towards billionaire status. She took her father’s place at the helm upon his death in 2010. Before taking on the big job, Nayla learned the tricks of the trade, serving as a member of the Group’s board. Besides leading a company of Swatch’s stature, the businesswoman also excels in horse breeding. Nayla’s passion for horses started at an early age and she currently owns around 60 purebred Arabian horses. 

4. Suad Al Humaidi Net Worth : $3 billion

Suad Al Humaidi is renowned for being one of the richest female Arabians in the world. Her wealth is estimated to be around $3 billion. With all that money comes great responsibilities. Her success as a businesswoman in Kuwait has paved the way for various Kuwaiti women to start dreaming big. Suad Al Humaidi earns most of her revenues through investments in properties. Her endeavors have earned her a place as a member of The Property Owners Union in Kuwait. Other forms of her revenues come from the ownership of stakes in the National Bank of Kuwait and a hotel/residential tower in Beirut, Solidere.

5. Mariam Khalfan Al Abdullah Al Nuaimi Net Worth : $126.3 million

ForbesMiddleEast has estimated Marian Khalfan Al Abdullah Al Nuaimi’s net worth to be around $126.3 million. She has made most of her fortune through the banking sector. The businesswoman is known to possess around 22.12% stake in the bank, Commercial Bank International. The bank is located in UAE and has around 19 banks operating in the UAE along with its subsidiaries Takamul Real Estate and International Financial Brokerage. 

6. Sheikha Amna Bint Muhammed Al Thani Net Worth : $106 million

According to ForbesMiddleEast, Sheikha Amna Bint Mohammed Al Thani has a net worth of $106 million. She hails from Qatar and is known to be amongst the richest Arab business women in the world. She is a member of the family who rules Mannai Corp and has substantial amount of shares in the company. 

7. Laila Gomaa Gowaily Net Worth : $34.6 million

The Egyptian Laila is known to possess a net worth of around $35 million. Her stake in the company Maridive & Oil Services Co is known to be the primary contributor to her vast wealth. The company is involved in offshore marine and oil support services. Their target market is mainly the Middle East and the North African Region. 

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