10 Richest Telecommunications Tycoons

Compiled below is a list of business tycoons who’ve accumulated fortunes providing Telecom services. These richest telecommunications tycoons have benefited from the surge of hand phones and mobile devices.  Vast amount of network users certainly is a gold mine these billionaires.

who are the richest telecom tycoons?

1. Carlos Slim Helu and Family Net Worth : $71 million

The Mexican business magnate has a net worth of $71 million. He has accumulated that sort of figure through revenues from telecommunications companies Telmex and America Movil. He owns both of the companies and also serves as the CEO and chairman. America Movil is known to be the largest mobile carrier in Latin America. Telmex, on the other hand, accounts for operating over 90% of the telephone lines in Mexico. If anyone needs to know the meaning of monopoly, they should take a look at Carlos’s telecom empire. 

2. Masayoshi Son Net Worth : $17.3 billion

Masayoshi Son is Japanese businessman who holds the fortune of being the CEO of Softbank, Softbank Mobile and the chairman of Sprint Corporation. He is also infamous for losing around $70 billion during the dot com crash; he must truly be an amazing person to get past such a failure. The Softbank mobile Corp which he runs currently used to be known as Vodafone K.K. He currently has a net worth of $17.3 billion.

3. Ananda Krishnan Net Worth : $11.7 billion

Ananda Krishnan hails from Malaysia and has a net worth of $11.7 billion. The man is notorious for shunning the limelight and maintaining a low profile. The man doesn’t only invest in telecommunications; he invests wherever he sees opportunities. He has entered the oil drilling business, gambling business, media and satellite. The man divides his time between 4 telecommunication companies and they are Maxis, Aircel, Axis and Sri Lanka Telecom. 

4. Patrick Drahi Net Worth : $10.6 billion

Patrick Drahi is truly a globetrotter; the Moroccan born Patrick is known to have renounced his French citizenship to live in Switzerland. His telecom business, Altice, is located in Luxembourg. The company provides telecommunications and cable network services. He has around $10.6 billion locked up in his bank vault. He is somebody who has actually pursued practicing what he learned in school. He graduated at the top of his class in Telecommunications National School.

richest telecommunications tycoons

5. Vladimir Yevtushenkov Net Worth : $8.8 billion

As the name suggests, Vladimir comes from Russia and has a net worth of $8.8 billion. The Russian tycoon is the owner of Sitonics and is the major shareholder in Sistema where he also serves as President. Sistema operates telecom services such as Mobile TeleSystems, Moscow City Telephone Network etc. Unlike some billionaires, Vladimir didn’t drop out of college. In fact, the man graduated with a Masters Degree in Chemistry and Economics. He also holds a doctorate degree in Economics. 

6. Sunil Bharti Mittal Net Worth : $6.6 billion

Indians have made their presence known all over the world and have dominated the billionaire lists as well. Sunil Mittal is a billionaire possessing fortune worth $6.6 billion. The man is the brain behind the establishment of Bharti Enterprises. Bharti Enterprises has already entered the telecom, retail, financial services and agri business market. The telecom company Bharti Airtel is the largest telecom company in India and the 4th largest in the world.

7. Denis O’ Brien Net Worth : $5.6 billion

Irish born Denis O’Brien has a net worth of $5.6 billion and holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration from the esteemed Boston College. He has also been honoured with an honorary doctorate by the University College Dublin. The man founded the company Digicel. The company is a mobile network provider providing its services in over 31 countries. For whatever reason, Denis O’Brien thought it best to set the base of Digicel in Jamaica. He has certainly maintained a fortune providing network services in untapped countries.

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8. Najib Azmi Mikati Net Worth : $3.5 billion

Najib is the man who was brought up in Lebanon and earned his fortune co-establishing the telecom company Investcom. He sold the company to MTN Group in 2006 for $5.6 billion. Besides having an intelligent mind for business, the man has also served his country as the Prime Minister twice. Najib is Lebanon’s richest man.

9. Taha Mikati Net Worth : $3.5 billion

Taha Mikati is the brother of Najib Mikati and he has a net worth of $3.5 billion. Along with his brother Najib Mikati, Tajib co-established the telecom company Investcom. The man became rich overnight when he and his brother sold the telecom company to South Africa’s MTN Group for $5.6 billion. Along with his son, the man also co-founded M1 Group.

10. Chei Tae Won Net Worth : $3.3 billion

Chei Tae Won comes from the country which has given us K-Pop, Korea. The man holds an enviable position in SK Corporation; the chairman of SK Corporation looks after the company’s investments in energy, telecom and chemicals etc.  SK Telecom which is a subsidiary of SK Corporation specialises in mobile services and holds a commanding 50% of market share. He has amassed a fortune worth $3.3 billion. The man is married to the daughter of former South Korean president, Roh Tae Woo. If it were a movie, we would all know how and why. 

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