Top 15 Richest Sports Teams
In The World

Here are the 15 richest sports teams in the world. Something that Americans might not think about, though, is that the top 3 richest teams in the world aren’t even located in the United States. Guess what, the top 3 are soccer teams which are worth billions of dollars.

1) Real Madrid - Soccer, The Richest Sports Team In The World

When it comes to the richest sports teams, it is hard to beat the kind of money that soccer brings in. That is why Real Madrid has been able to build a value of $3.3 billion. The 93,000 club members benefit from this, especially when it comes to deals with Adidas and Emirate Airlines.

2) Manchester United- Soccer

After a 20th league title, Manchester United is now worth $3.16 billion and has inked deals with General motors that will deliver them another $559 million over the next seven years.

3) Barcelona - Soccer

At a valuation of $2.6 billion, Barcelona proves that the worlds richest teams aren’t in the US. They have an annual revenue coming in at $613 million  and deals with Qatar Airlines to bring in an added $38 million each year.

4) New York Yankees - Baseball

New York is known for being one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in. They also have one of the richest sports teams that America knows, the New York Yankees. With a value of $2.3 billion, they are also known for spending more money than any other team on their players.

5) Dallas Cowboys - Football

For teams in the NFL, there is no beating the Dallas Cowboys in terms of being one of the richest sports teams. For six years in a row they have been the richest, with a value of $2.1 billion.

6) New England Patriots - Football

Tom Brady brought new life to the New England Patriots and after 5 AFC championships and 3 Super Bowl Wins, the team is now valued at $1.635 billion.

7) Los Angeles Dodgers - Baseball

The Dodgers were bought for $2.15 billion in 2012 and now have a net worth of $1.615 billion for the 2013 year.

8) Washington Redskins - Football

The Washington Redskins have been a mediocre team for decades, but their recent resurgence in talent is largely responsible for the current value of $1.6 billion.

9) New York Giants - Baseball

The New York Giants are one of the original five teams to join the NFL back in 1925. They’re worth $1.468 billion this year, since being worth only $500 back then.

10) Arsenal - Soccer

With a value of $1.326 billion, this wealth is nothing to scoff at. Since 1886 Arsenal has been one of the best teams in soccer history and as well as one of the most historic.

11) Bayern Munich - Soccer

Another soccer team makes it into this list of the worlds richest sports teams with Bayern Munich. Coming in at $1.309 billion, they have an incredible $573 coming in from advertising alone.

12) New York Jets - Football

Tim Tebow brought a lot of attention to the Jets, and even though they cut their ticket prices by 50% recently, they still make a whopping $1.23 billion off of their die hard fans.

13) Houston Texans - Football

The Texans haven’t been one of the most successful teams, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t worth a lot of money. At $1.2 billion, they are one of the highest valued football teams in the US and they have an incredible 200 luxury seats bringing in $50 million a year.

14) Philadelphia Eagles - Football

The Philadelphia Eagles just spent a great deal of money bringing Michael Vick to the roster, but they can afford it with a value of $1.16 billion.

15) Chicago Bears - Football

The Chicago Bears have been a team that has just had a resurgence in popularity after making their way to a championship game for the first time in several years. Currently they are valued at $1.09 billion, which puts them among the worlds richest sports teams.

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