10 Richest Russians In The World

The Russians are always on the forefront of several innovations. Their abilities to forecast provide them with the tools to accumulate fortunes beyond imagination. Today, we will be taking a look at the 10 richest Russians in the world. We have taken a list from Forbes and listed them here. Go to Forbes site if you want an updated ranking.

The fortunes of these Russians seem to have dropped a bit after Putin’s involvement in Ukraine. Some have lost more than $1 Billion or more and the list have been rearranged since the time of writing this article. Although Russia’s ties with the West is strained, it has not been great enough to hugely affect the fortunes of these Russian billionaires. Unless a war is declared, we still think that the individuals here will remain at the top of the richest people in Russia.

richest russiansRussia's rich have taken a hit since Putin's involvement in Ukraine

Here are some interesting facts about the rich Russians.

  1. The combined net worth of the 10 richest Russians is $136.9 billion.
  2. Alisher  Usmanov shares his birthday with comedian Adam Sandler.
  3. Mikhail Fridman shares his birthday with Queen Elizabeth II.
  4. Vladimir Lisin was only 12 years old when he picked up his first rifle and took shooting classes.
  5. According to Forbes, Russia is known to possess 111 billionaires. We do think that there are more, at least unofficially. 

1. Alisher Usmanov Net Worth : $17.9 Billion

The founder of Metalloinvest is the richest man in Russia with an estimated net worth of $17.9 billion. Alisher initially made his investments in steel and mining before moving on to telecommunications and media. He also holds stakes in football club Arsenal. 

2. Mikhal Fridman Net Worth : $15.7 Billion

The 50 year old billionaire makes it to our list with a net worth of $15.7 billion. He derives most of his fortune from the oil, banking, and telecom sector. The man holds substantial amount of shares in Alfa Group.

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3. Vicktor Vekselberg Net Worth : $15.4 Billion

The billionaire derives most of his $15.4 billion from the metal and energy industry. The married man is the owner of Renova conglomerate. 

4. Leonid Mikhelson Net Worth : $13.8 Billion

Most of Leonid’s $13.8 billion fortune is derived from his stake in natural gas producer, Novatek.  Leonid is also the largest shareholder of bank Pervy Obyedinenny. 

5. Gennedy Timchenko Net Worth : $13.5 Billion

The Russian stays in Geneva, Switzerland. With a fortune of $13.5 billion, the man can afford to stay anywhere. Gennedy is known to make smart investments in several gas, transport, and construction entities. 

6. Vladimir Lisin Net Worth : $13.5 Billion

Vladimir Lisin has dropped 2 places from no.4 to become the 6th richest Russian in the world. The businessman possesses a net worth of $13.5 billion down from $15.1 billion. He has made shrewd investments in steel, railways, and cargo logistics. He is the owner of the company, Universal Cargo Logistics Holding. 

7. Vladimir Potanin Net Worth : $13.3 Billion

Vladimir Potanin has a net worth of $13.3 billion down from $14.7 billion. He is the sole owner of investment company, Interros. Over the years, he has made smart investments in the metal industry.

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8. Vagit Alekperov Net Worth : $12 Billion

The 63 year old billionaire possesses a net worth of $12 billion down from $13.5 billion. Vagit is the man behind the smooth operation of oil company, Lukoil. Vagit has also used his experience in the oil field to pen the book “Oil of Russia: Past, Present and Future.”

9. Alexey Mordashov Net Worth : $11 Billion

Alexey Mordashov’s fortune of $11 billion would get anyone buzzing with envy. Alexey is the owner of cellular operator, Tele2 Russia, and steelmaker, Severstal. 

10. Sergei Galitsky Net Worth : $10.8 Billion

Sergei Galitsky is the founder and co-owner of Russia’s largest retail company Magnit. The billionaire was born in 1967 in Sochi to an Armenian family. In 1994 he started the company Tander which dealt with perfumes and cosmetics. His company Magnit had its IPO in 2006 and was valued at $1.9 Billion at that time.

11. German Khan Net Worth : $10 Billion

German Khan’s close allegiance to Russia has helped him rise on the financial scale and accumulate a fortune of $10 billion. He is one of the biggest shareholders in investment group, Alfa Group. We included him here because he used to be no.10 on the list until Sergei Galitsky replaced him. The man lost over $1 Billion between the time of writing this article and publishing it on our site.

Fortunes rise and fortunes go as they say. In a country such as Russia, it is considered a great feat to be able to become a billionaire. When you come back next year to view this list, the ranking may have change significantly. Only time will tell.

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