The Top 10 Richest Poker Players
In The World

By Abhinandan Lawati

It is not an easy task to be a poker player. However, the appealing rewards in the game make the risks worth taking. A poker player might become a millionaire overnight and file for bankruptcy the very next day. People might say a lot of luck is involved in the game but these rich poker players will certainly beg to disagree. Here’s the list on the 10 Richest Poker Players in the world.

Before that, here are some interesting facts about the poker players.

  • The combined net worth of the richest poker players in the world is $435 million.
  • Dan Bilzerian was the stunt double of Gerard Butler in the movie Olympus Has Fallen.
  • Phil Iyer is a high stakes player. He once won more than $16 million against billionaire Andy Beal. 
  • Antonio Esfandiari became the biggest all time live poker winner when he won $19 million in the Big One for One Drop WSOP Event in 2012.
  • Annie Duke is the highest money winner among women in the WSOP events.

1. Dan Bilzerian Net Worth : $100 million

dan bilzerian instagramDan Bilzerian is perhaps the most famous poker player. He has more than 4.5 million Instagram followers

Dan Bilzerian has big money and he isn’t shy to flaunt it. With $100 million in the bank, the man has the fortune to indulge in all the finer things in life. He ensures everyone knows about his fancied lifestyle by uploading photos only the rich can connect with. He is also the founder of the online poker room, Victory Poker. The man is famous for his luxurious lifestyle pics on Instagram having fun with lots of scantily clad beautiful women and sexy ladies. The man has more than 4.5 Million Instagram followers. Some call him the ultimate modern day playboy. He also holds the title of the richest poker player in the world. 

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2. Sam Farha Net Worth : $100 million

Sam Farha has a net worth of $100 million and is considered a veteran in the poker playing arena. The man made headlines when he finished second in the 2003 World Series of Poker. Sam holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

3. Phil Ivey Net Worth : $100 million

phil ivey

The American Poker player has an enviable net worth of $100 million. His exploits in the Poker table has even earned him the nickname, “The Tiger Woods of Poker.”  The man also enjoys a game of golf during leisurely hours. He has won 10 World Series of Poker bracelets. 

4. Daniel Negreanu Net Worth : $31 million

Daniel Negreanu’s net worth of $31 million gives him the credentials to be listed as one of the top poker players around. The Canadian has won 5 World Series of Poker and 2 World Poker Tour championships.

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5. Chris Ferguson Net Worth : $25 million

chris ferguson

Chris Ferguson has an estimated net worth of $25 million. The man has won several Poker tournaments in his career including 5 World Series of Poker events. He was born to parents who possessed doctorate degrees in mathematics.  

6. Antonio Esfandiari Net Worth : $25 million

antonio esfandiari

Antonio Esfandiari possesses a net worth of $25 million and he initially gained prominence by becoming the youngest player to win the World Poker Tour Championship. His skills and bravery on the poker table have earned him the nickname “The Magician.” 

7. Phil Hellmuth Net Worth : $20 million

phil hellmuth

The 6 foot 7 American poker player has a net worth of $20 million. He made an early sacrifice in his life when he dropped out of college to pursue a career in poker. That sacrifice has certainly benefited him tenfold.  

8. Joe Hachem Net Worth : $16 million

The poker player from down under has a net worth of $16 million. In 2005, the man generated headlines and gained rep when he became the first Australian to win the World Poker Series. The victory landed him $7.5 million.

9. Andrew Feldman Net Worth : $10 million

Although relatively young in the game, Andrew Feldman has already accumulated a fortune of $10 million from career winnings.  He started playing poker only after turning 18. His exploits have helped him land an appearance on the TV series The Secret Millionaire. 

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10. Annie Duke Net Worth : $8 million

annie duke

Annie Duke has a net worth of $8 million. She has had her fair share of achievements in the Poker table. The woman earned $2 million when she won the 2004 World Series of Poker Tournament of Champions. 

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