10 Richest Playboy Models In The World

Playboy magazine has been able to satisfy the needs of millions all over the world. Models who grace their covers are bound to enjoy a fair amount of time in the limelight. Some of them even go on to achieve superstardom. Playboy magazine works either as a stepping stone to success for newcomers or as a medium for superstars to showcase their heavenly bodies. Either way, it only bodes well for the millions of hungry readers all over the world. Listed below, we have compiled a list of richest stars to have modeled for Playboy. 

1. Madonna Net Worth : $700 Million

Like wine, Madonna seems to get better with time. The singer has a net worth of $700 million and graced the covers of Playboy magazine back in 1985. She made appearances in 11 covers that spanned over 10 countries. It has been reported that the artist has sold over 250 million records worldwide. She is definitely someone who enjoys worldwide stardom. 


2. Mariah Carey Net Worth : $510 Million

Mariah Carey has a net worth of $510 million and the voluptuous beauty modeled for Playboy back in 2007. She only appeared in 1 cover; the issue was released around the time she began work on her 11th album E=MC2. Her album sales have touched the 200 million mark already. In 2008, she married artist/comedian Nick Cannon. Mariah became a mother for the first time when she gave birth to fraternal twins Monroe and Moroccan in April 2011.  

Mariah Carey

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3. Dolly Parton Net Worth : $450 Million

The country singer made her sole appearance in Playboy in 1978, around the same time her album Heartbreaker hit the shelves. Dolly Parton has a net worth of $450 million and has been in the music industry for over 4 decades. The veteran singer has also been received warmly as an actress in film and television. 

Dolly Parton

4. Barbra Streisand Net Worth : $340 Million

Most of you might be surprised to find Barbra in this list but a fact remains a fact. The actor, singer-songwriter made her appearance in 1977 shortly after being awarded an Academy Award for Best Original Song for the song Evergreen. Sadly, that would be her only appearance. She is 4th in this list with a net worth of $340 million. She is the recipient of 2 Academy Awards and 8 Grammy Awards. 

Barbra streisand

5. Drew Barrymore Net Worth : $125 Million

Drew Barrymore has a net worth of $125 million. The actress shed her child actor image when she made her appearance in the adult magazine back in 1995. She has modeled as the cover girl of Playboy in over 10 countries. The issue in 1995 was released in order to increase her popularity for the movie Batman Forever.

Drew Barrymore

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6. Charlize Theron Net Worth : $110 Million

The bombshell from South Africa has a net worth of $110 million. Her services were sought after by Playboy for the first time in 1999. Charlize has made appearances in Playboy magazine 3 times altogether. Her role in the movie The Cider House Rules was instrumental in landing her first Playboy assignment. 

Charlize Theron

7. Paris Hilton Net Worth : $100 Million

During her heyday, Paris Hilton was the socialite, everyone wanted to be seen with. She has a net worth of around $100 million and made her first appearance in Playboy back in 2005. She was the face of the Slovakian and American covers. The socialite bags around $25,000 to $100,000 for appearances in parties. 

Paris Hilton

8. Suzanne Somers Net Worth : $100 Million

Suzanne Somers has a net worth of $100 million. The world first caught a glimpse of her in Playboy in 1984. The actress, singer has earned most of her fortune as an actor, author and an entrepreneur. Suzanne has definitely risen up the wealth ladder since starting her career in the late 60s.  

Suzanne Somers

9. Goldie Hawn Net Worth : $60 Million

The iconic actress has a net worth of $60 million. Playboy offered her to model as the cover girl of their magazine in 1985; she was on the cover of Playboy in US, Mexico and France. Goldie is married to actor Kurt Russell. The famous actress Kate Hudson is her daughter. 

Goldie Hawn

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10. Naomi Campbell Net Worth : $48 Million

The British supermodel has a net worth of $48 million. Over the years, Naomi Campbell has repeatedly lent her services to Playboy. To date, she has appeared in over 18 Playboy covers in over 16 countries. Considering the fact that Playboy only goes for super fit girls, that is an astonishing feat in itself. She has been romantically linked to several famous personalities such as Robert DeNiro, Adam Clayton, Mike Tyson and billionaire Vladislav Doronin

Naomi Campbell

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