Richest People In Tanzania

Top 10 Richest People In Tanzania

Tanzania is the largest country in East Africa. It has a good tourism industry, access to the Indian Ocean, natural minerals and resources like coal and it has a good agriculture industry too. Below we look at the top 10 richest Tanzanians.

Said Salim Bakhresa Net Worth $650 Million

Mr. Bakhresa is the Chairman of the Bakhresa Group of companies which has interests in grain milling, sea transport, food and drinks, packaging, manufacturing and petroleum. The business man has built his companies for over 30 years. His empire spans over Tanzania, Uganda, Mozambique and Malawi. Mr. Salim is also a renowned philanthropist. He is also a big employer, providing over 3,000 jobs in Tanzania. Salim Bakhresa is reportedly worth $ 650 million and he is the richest man in tanzania.

Said Salim Bakhresa

Mohamed Dewji Net Worth $520 Million

Mr Dewji has interests in manufacturing and real estate. The man is also a shrewd investor in the stock market. Most of Mr. Dewji’s wealth is held in the tens of companies whose shares he owns. The man is estimated to be worth $ 520 million.

Mohamed Dewji

Rostam Aziz Net Worth $420 Million

Mr. Aziz is a telecom and mining tycoon. The millionaire has also served as an MP for two consecutive terms. He owns a 19% stake in Vodacom Tanzania. He is also the owner of Caspian Mining Company. Mr. Aziz is estimated to have a net worth of $420 million.

Rostam Aziz

Reginald Mengi Net Worth $280 Million

Mr. Mengi is the Chairman and founder of the IPP Group which is a conglomerate of companies with interests ranging from consulting to beverages. The group is East Africa’s largest privately owned conglomerate. Mr. Mengi is a Coca-Cola franchise holder. He owns Bonite Bottlers and Kilimanjaro spring water. In addition, he owns a sleuth of media companies like Guardian Newspaper, ITV, EATV, Sky FM, East Africa Radio and Nipashe among others. Mr. Mengi is reportedly worth $ 280 million.

Reginald Mengi

Michael Ngaleku Net Worth $130 Million

Mr. Ngaleku is a spirited investor with his hand in almost all major sectors of the Tanzanian economy. The man holds a 5 % stock stake in I&M Bank and is also a major investor in Precision Air, a low cost East African aviation company. He holds a 51% stake in the aviation company. Mr. Ngaleku is a philanthropist with a children’s home called Cornelius Ngaleku Orphanage. He is the current Chairman of the Tanzania Golf Union.  He is said to be worth $ 130 Million.

Michael Ngaleku

Ali Mufuruki Net Worth $110 Million

Mr. Mufuruki is a venture capitalist. He is the Executive Chairman of Infotech Investment Group which is based in Dares salaam. His group owns the Tanzanian and Ugandan franchises for Woolsworth. The group has interests in real estate, telecom and hospitality among others. The man is said to be worth an estimated $110 Million.

Ali Mufuruki

Fida Hussein Net Worth $90 Million 

Mr. Hussein is a real estate mogul. He owns prime commercial properties across Tanzania. Some of these buildings include the iconic Zahra Towers and Raha Towers. Mr. Hussein is also involved in transport through his Africacarriers Company. He is estimated to be worth $ 90 million.

Fida Hussein

Yussuf Manji Net Worth $50 Million

Yussuf Manji is the founder of Quality group which has interests in real estate-residential and commercial. The businessman is also involved with the Tanzanian auto industry. Mr. Manji is reportedly worth $ 50 Million.

Yussuf Manji

Nazir Mustafa Net Worth $20 Million

Nazir Mustafa Karamangi is a business man and career politician. He has been a Cabinet Minister and is the current MP for Bukoba Vijijini Constituency. He also owns Tanzania’s International Containers, a logistics and freight company. He is said to be worth $ 20 million.

Nazir Mustafa

Subhash Patel Net Worth $18 Million

Mr. Patel is a steel millionaire and a big philanthropist. He is a trained engineer and a member of the Institution of Electrical Engineers. Mr. Patel is affiliated with Nyanza Road Works Ltd and MMI Steels Resource Limited. He is estimated to be worth over $ 18 million. 

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