The Richest People In Italy

Below is a list of the richest people in Italy. The fashion, retail and luxury goods industry has produced quite a lot of billionaires in Italy. The richest person in Italy is Michele Ferrero whose source of wealth is from the famous chocolate company Ferrero SpA.

richest people in italy
  1. Michele Ferrero & family $26.5 Billion 
  2. Leonardo Del Vecchio $19.2 Billion *
  3. Miuccia Prada $11.1 Billion
  4. Stefano Pessina $10 Billion
  5. Giorgio Armani $9.9 Billion
  6. Silvio Berlusconi & family $9 Billion 
  7. Paolo & Gianfelice Mario Rocca $6.3 Billion 
  8. Patrizio Bertelli $6 Billion
  9. Augusto & Giorgio Perfetti $7.2 Billion
  10. Renzo Rosso $3.3 Billion
  11. Gilberto Benetton $3.1 Billion
  12. Giuliana Benetton $3.1 Billion
  13. Carlo Benetton $3.1 Billion
  14. Luciano Benetton $3.1 Billion
  15. Domenico Dolce $1.8 Billion
  16. Stefano Gabbana $1.8 Billion *
  17. Rosa Anna Magno Garavoglia & family $3.5 Billion
  18. Mario Moretti Polegato $2.3 Billion
  19. Sandro Veronesi $2.1 Billion
  20. Ennio Doris & family $2.5 Billion
  21. Diego Della Valle $1.85 Billion
  22. Paolo Bulgari $1.4 Billion
  23. Andrea Della Valle $1.35 Billion
  24. Nicola Bulgari $1.4 Billion
  25. Caprotti Bernardo $2.3 Billion
  26. Giuseppe De'Longhi $2.2 Billion
  27. Pier Luigi Loro Piana $1.7 Billion
  28. Diego Della Valle $1.85 Billion
  29. Simonpietro Salini $1.6 Billion
  30. Francesco Gaetano Caltagirone $1.5 Billion
  31. Massimo Moratti $1.5 Billion
  32. Gian Marco Moratti $1.4 Billion
  33. Remo Ruffini $1.4 Billion
  34. Francesco Saverio Salini $1.4 Billion
  35. Brunello Cucinelli $1.3 Billion
  36. Alberto Bombassei $1.2 Billion

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