Richest People In Germany

Here is a list of the richest people in Germany. The richest person in Germany currently is Karl Albrecht with a net worth of $26 Billion.

richest people in germany

1. Karl Albrecht $26 Billion

Karl Albrecht, the German entrepreneur, is one of the richest men in the world with a net worth of $26.9 billion. He co-founded Aldi, a discount supermarket chain...

2. Dieter Schwarz $19.5 Billion

Dieter Schwarz, owner of the Schwarz-Gruppe, is a German entrepreneur who has a net worth of $24.8 billion. He is the chairman and CEO of the renowned discount retailer, Lidl...

3. Theo Albrecht, Jr. & family $18.9 Billion

Theo Albrecht Jr, the only son of Theo Albrecht, inherited a large fortune after the death of his father. As per Forbes estimates, his net worth now stand at $18.9 billion. 

4. Susanne Klatten $14.3 Billion 

Susanne Klatten is the richest woman in Germany with a net worth of $15 billion. She has acquired her huge wealth from a large stake in BMW, the automobile giant...

5. Michael Otto & family $14.2 Billion 

Michael Otto is a German businessman who heads the largest mail order company in the world, the Otto Group. The most interesting fact is that  Otto Group is only second to in terms of internet sales.

6. Stefan Quandt $11.9 Billion 

Stefan Quandt is the 76th richest person in the world with an estimated net worth of $11.9 billion. By profession he is an engineer and an industrialist and holds a 17.4% stake in BMW...

7. Johanna Quandt $10.6 Billion 

Johanna Quandt claim to fame lies in the fact that she is the 3rd wife of Herbert Quandt, the renowned German executive who is remembered for saving BMW from bankruptcy.

8. Klaus-Michael Kuhne $9 Billion 

Klaus-Michael Kuhne is one of the richest people in Germany with a net worth of $9.8 billion. He is the executive chairman of the Kuhne & Nagel, the international transport company...

9. Hasso Plattner $8.9 Billion 

Hasso Plattner is a German entrepreneur whose net worth is estimated to be $8.9 billion. He acquired a majority of his fortune by being the CEO of the company SAP AG. 

10. August von Finck $8.2 Billion 

August von Finck is a German businessman who has a net worth of $8.2 billion. His grandfather was Wilhelm von Finck who founded the private bank, Merck, Finck & Co 

The above are the 10 richest people in Germany. However Germany has many more billionaires. They are listed below.

Klaus Tschira $7.5 Billion 

Dieter Schnabel $7.2 Billion 

Ludwig Merckle $7.1 Billion 

Dietmar Hopp $6.5 Billion 

Heinz Hermann Thiele & family $6.4 Billion 

Reinhold Wurth $6 Billion 

Karl-Heinz Kipp $5.1 Billion 

Michael Herz $4.7 Billion 

Wolfgang Herz $4.7 Billion 

Heinz-Horst Deichmann & family $4.4 Billion

Erivan Haub & family $4.4 Billion

Elizabeth Mohn & family $4.3 Billion 

Curt Engelhorn $4 Billion 

Axel Oberwelland $3.6 Billion 

Heinz-Georg Baus $3.4 Billion 

Andreas Strungmann $3.4 Billion 

Thomas Strungmann $3.4 Billion

Guenther Fielmann $3.1 Billion 

Otto Happel $3 Billion 

Friede Springer $3 Billion 

Aloys Wobben $3 Billion 

Hans Riegel $2.9 Billion

Andreas von Bechtolsheim $2.8 Billion 

Gunter Herz $2.7 Billion 

Theo Mueller $2.7 Billion 

Thomas Bruch $2.6 Billion

Friedhelm Loh $2.6 Billion 

Daniela Herz $2.5 Billion

Siegfried Meister $2.5 Billion 

Yvonne Bauer & family $2.4 Billion 

Alexandra Schorghuber $2.4 Billion

Hubert Burda $2.3 Billion 

Ralph Dommermuth $2.3 Billion

Maria-Elisabeth & Georg Schaeffler $2.2 Billion

Michael & Rainer Schmidt-Ruthenbeck $2.2 Billion 

Bernard Broermann $2.1 Billion 

Sylvia Stroher $2.1 Billion 

Martin Viessmann $2 Billion 

Dirk Rossmann $1.9 Billion 

Georg von Opel $1.9 Billion 

Hans-Werner Hector $1.8 Billion 

Rolf Gerling $1.75 Billion 

Vladimir Iorich $1.55 Billion

Albert von Thurn und Taxis $1.5 Billion 

Peter Unger $1.4 Billion  

Ingeburg Herz $1.35 Billion 

Monika Schoeller $1.05 Billion 

Stefan von Holtzbrinck $1.05 Billion 

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