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A country where agricultural and industrial power is at its strongest, Brazil is among nations with the most unequal distribution of wealth. At one end of the economic spectrum are millions who live on less than $2 a day and on the other end are the lucky few who enjoy lavish lifestyles. Here are 10 Brazilians whose billions make them the country’s most powerful people. 

1. Jorge Paulo Lemann Net Worth $17 Billion 

Swiss-Brazilian Jorge Paulo Lemann is Brazil’s richest man according to Forbes Magazine. He holds majority of the stakes in the world’s largest producer of beer, Anheuser-Busch InBev. The former Wimbledon star co-owns investment firm 3G Capital with two other billionaires, Marcel Herrmann Telles and Carlos Alberto Sicupira. The trio recently bought Heinz. 

Jorge Paulo Lemann

2. Joseph Safra Net Worth $15.13 Billion

Beirut-born banking magnate Joseph Safra controls investment giant Safra Group and chairs all its companies including Safra National Bank of New York and Banco Safra. Last year, he acquired all of Switzerland’s Bank Sarasin and merged it with his other bank holdings to form Bank J. Safra Sarasin. 

Joseph Safra

3. Antonio Ermirio de Moares & Family Net Worth $11.46 Billion 

Antonio Ermirio Moares previously chaired family-owned Votorantim Group, a conglomerate specializing in producing steel, paper, metals and frozen juice.  The company operates in 25 countries. In 1986, Moares ran for governor of São Paulo State but lost. He writes plays and a weekly newspaper column. 

Antonio Ermirio de Moares

4. Marcel Herrmann Telles Net Worth $8.7 Billion 

Beer Baron Marcel Herrmann Telles co-owns brewer AmBev and investment firm 3G Capital with billionaire friends Jorge Paulo Lemann and Carlos Alberto Sicupira. They also control retailer Lojas Americanas. 

Marcel Herrmann Telles

5. Roberto Irineu Marinho Net Worth $7.7 Billion 

Roberto Irineu is CEO of Latin America’s biggest media group Rede Globo. He controls the company with his brothers Joao Roberto and Jose Roberto.  The company was founded by their father, the late media mogul Roberto Marinho. The billionaire trio also own Rio de Janeiro newspaper O Globo. Roberto Irineu also owns Sertaozinho Farm, a gourmet coffee producer. 

Roberto Irineu Marinho

6. Joao Roberto Marinho Net Worth $7.7 Billion 

Roberto Irineu’s younger brother, João Roberto, is vice president of Globo Organizations. He is managing director of the Roberto Marinho Foundation. 

Joao Roberto Marinho

7. Jose Roberto Marinho Net Worth $7.6 Billion 

Brother of Roberto Irineu and Joao Roberto, Jose Roberto is one-fourth of the influential Marinho siblings who control Brazil’s top newspaper and broadcasting company.  He heads the Roberto Marinho Foundation 

Jose Roberto Marinho

8. Carlos Alberto Sicupira Net Worth 7.49 Billion 

Carlos Alberto Sicupira is one of the three billionaires who control the world’s largest beverage company Anheuser-Busch InBev, investment companies 3G Capital and São Carlos Empreendimentos e Participações, as well as retailer Lojas Americanas. 

Carlos Alberto Sicupira

9. Norberto Odebrecht & Family Net Worth $4.51 Billion 

Norberto Odebrecht controls Odebrecht Group, one of Brazil’s top conglomerates. The company employs over 167,500 in more than 60 countries globally.  The 92-year-old is the founder of the Odebrecht Foundation. 

Norberto Odebrecht

10. Francisco Ivens De Sa Dias Branco Net Worth $4.29 Billion 

Francisco Ivens De Sa Dias Branco chairs and owns over half of M. Dias Branco S.A., producer of cookies and pasta. The company grew from a mere bakery his father Manuel started in the 1940s. 

Francisco Ivens De Sa Dias Branco

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