Richest People In Australia

The Richest People In Australia

Considering that it is the only country to span an entire continent, one would expect Australia to have its share of rich people, and the country doesn't disappoint. Coming from all walks of life, these 10 people have made it to the top of their respective fields, and hence, command fortunes that are the envy of the world. 

Georgina Rinehart Net Worth $17 Billion

Owner of the largest mining and prospecting firm in Australia, Rinehart makes close to a billion a year from her lucrative mining business in northern Australia. Add to it the profits she makes from her significant shares in media houses like Channel 10 and Fairfax Media, you can anticipate why she's the richest person in Australia and the fifth richest woman in the world.

Ivan Glasenberg Net Worth $7 Billion

Like Rinehart, Glasenberg's main source of fortune is mining. He sealed the deal of a lifetime by taking over mining firm Xstrata, which allowed him to become the head of one of the biggest mining conglomerates in the world. Along with profits from his trading interests, his mining empire places him at second spot on our list. 

ivan glasenberg

James Packer Net Worth $6 billion

Heir to a corporate empire having media business at its core, Packer diversified into gambling, and currently owns a huge number of casinos all around the world. He recently sold the remnants of his media holdings for a good $1 billion to Newscorp, and this, coupled with his earnings from casinos, places him at third spot. 

james packer

Frank Lowy Net Worth $5.3 billion

A refugee from post-war Czechoslovakia, Lowy started out in Sydney with a delicacy shop in 1952 . Currently, he owns 104 shopping malls across the world. His net worth recently rose by a whopping $1 billion when the shopping mall he opened in 2011 near the site of the Olympic stadium proved to be a success. Though he no longer runs the family business actively, his profits ensure that he is placed fourth on the list.

frank lowy

Andrew Forrest Net Worth $5 Billion

Once Australia's richest man, Andrew Forrest owns mining companies like Minara Resources and Fortescue Metals. His greatest success has been in mining and shipping ore to China. Hounded by investment watchdogs and suffering from fall in iron ore prices, Andrew Forrest still comes fifth on our list. 

andrew forrest

Harry Triguboff Net Worth $4.5 Billion

Beginning in the textile business, “High Rise Harry” has managed to raise 55,000 apartments since 1960. He has once suffered from price drops in real estate. Despite this, his total earnings place him sixth on our list. 

harry triguboff

Anthony Pratt and family Net Worth $4.5 billion

Owner of the cardboard company Visy, Anthony's business spans across Australia and Asia. Together with his family's US share fortune and the earnings of his sisters Fiona and Heliose, who run their own businesses, this places Anthony Pratt at seventh spot on our list.

anthony pratt

John Gandel Net Worth $3.5 billion

Son of Polish immigrants, Gandel started out expanding his parents' clothing chain, but his real profits came from the earnings from his shares in listed property companies, such as the 50% share in Chadstone, which owns the largest shopping mall in Australia, and the shopping malls he bought from Myer departmental stores in the 1980s. These together bring in profits sufficient to place Gandel eight on the list.

john gandel

Kerr Neilson Net Worth $2.7 Billion

Having purchased his first stock at age 13, Neilson is known for his excellent investment moves, like the short selling just prior to the 1987 crash, and the public offering of his firm Platinum Asset Management just before the 2008 crash. His endless success in investment have placed him ninth on our list. 

kerr neilson

Paul Ramsay Net Worth $2.5 Billion

Starting his first private hospital in 1964, Paul Ramsay today owns commanding stake in Ramsay Healthcare, which has over 116 hospitals in Australia, UK, France and Indonesia, treating over 1 million patients. His wealth recently rose by 40% following rise in the shares of his company, thereby placing him tenth on the list.

paul ramsay

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