Top 10 Richest Media Tycoons

richest media tycoons

These tycoons have held the world by the scruff of its neck for a lengthy period .They are the modern kings of the world and they have the fortune to buy all the amenities money can buy. These media tycoons can enjoy the limelight at will. Here’s a list of the 10 Richest Media Tycoons in the world today.

1. David Thomson and family Net Worth : $23.3 billion

David Thomson and family have a whopping $23.3 billion at their disposal. The family has Grandfather Roy Thomson to thank for the astounding fortune. He established the media and publishing company, Thomson Reuters. The family owns around 55% stake in the company and David leads charge as the CEO. The family is heavily reliant on Thomson Reuters, as their stakes in the company makes up around 70% of the entire family fortune. David also has a stake in NHL’s Winnipeg Jets.  

thomson reuters

2. Anne Cox Chambers Net Worth : $15.8 billion

The media company Cox Enterprises has a lady at the top of the command chain. Anne Cox Chambers is the lady in power with a net worth of $15.8 million. Age is just a number for her as she continues to sit on the board of directors even at the age of 94. Cox Enterprises is a conglomerate as it has several branches that include Cox Communications, Cox Media Group, Manheim and Auto Trader Group. Even labeling the company humongous would prove to be an understatement. 

3. Rupert Murdoch Net Worth : $14.5 billion

Here’s the infamous Rupert Murdoch, the media mogul who just couldn’t get the media off of his back in 2013. He had to bear witness to 2 break ups in a year; that’s hard for anyone to take. The breakup of his company and his divorce did little to put a dent on his $14.5 billion fortune though. The man is credited for being the founder of global media holding company News Corporation.  

rupert murdoch rich media tycoon

4. Hans Rausing Net Worth : $12 billion

The Swedish, Hans Rausing made most of his $12 billion fortune in the United Kingdom. Most of his fortune was obtained from his inheritance (food packaging company Tetra Pak). The man attended the prestigious Lund University graduating in 1948 with a degree in Economics, Statistics and Russian. The man was struck with disbelief when his daughter-in-law bid adieu to her life in 2012 due of drug overdose. The even more shocking part was the fact that his son, Hans Kristian, had hidden her body in a room for eight weeks. All that money couldn’t buy happiness after all. 

5. Roberto Irinei Marinho Net Worth : $10.3 billion

Along with his brothers, Roberto became a billionaire overnight through the inheritance of Brazil’s largest media group, Globo. Besides holding monopoly over Brazil’s broadcast television market, the company has also managed to strike all the right chords with internet services, a magazine company and a music label. The man serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Globo and he did well when the company struck a deal to sell broadcast packages of the 2014 World Cup for a cool billion dollars. 

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6. Joao Roberto Marinho Net Worth : $9.9 billion

Joao Roberto Marinho makes it into the list with a net worth of $9.9 billion. The media tycoon has his father to thank for his billionaire status. Along with his brothers, Joao inherited a sizeable stake in the company Globo Organization. The company holds the distinction of being the biggest TV content production service in Brazil. 

7. Jose Roberto Marinho Net Worth : $9.9 billion

Surprise, surprise! There’s another Marinho in the list. Jose Roberto’s net worth of $9.9 billion more than guarantees his spot in this list of richest media tycoons in the world. Jose confides in his two billionaire brothers, Joao and Roberto. Besides being related by blood, they have another thing in common. All of them benefitted tenfold when their father passed on the company Globo Organizations to them. The company isn’t like any other company in the world. It controls about half of Brazil’s broadcast television market.  

8. Samuel Irving Newhouse, Jr Net Worth : $9.3 billion

Samuel Irving Newhouse has a net worth of $9.3 billion and he owns the company Advance Publications along with his billionaire brother Donald. Samuel is responsible for running the Conde Nast magazine division which includes magazines such as Vanity Fair, Vogue, The New Yorker and architectural etc. He should count his blessings for being born to the founder of Advance Publications , Samuel Irving Newhouse, Sr. He was born with a silver spoon and continues to eat with one. 

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9. Donald Newhouse Net Worth : $8.5 billion

Samuel is not the only one who should be counting his blessings; his brother should be doing so too. Donald Newhouse is the brother with a net worth of $8.5 billion. He assures the smooth functioning of the Newspaper division in Advance Publications. The papers make it to the roads of 25 U.S cities and towns. 

10. Jim Kennedy Net Worth : $7.9 billion

Jim Kennedy has a net worth of $7.9 billion and he serves as the chairman of Cox Enterprise. Cox Enterprises is a conglomerate as it has several branches that include Cox Communications, Cox Media Group, Manheim and Auto Trader Group. When his mother died in 2007, there was some consolation for him as he inherited a 25 % stake in the company. 

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