Richest Man In Kenya

Top 10 Richest Men in Kenya

Here are the 10 richest men in Kenya. Kenya is East Africa’s biggest economy. The country has a robust tourism industry, good agricultural land and has recently discovered oil. It s expected that this list will change when captains of the oil industry start making their returns.

Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta Net Worth $500 Million

Uhuru is Kenya’s wealthiest man with a personal fortune estimated at a handsome $500 million. He is the current president of the Republic of Kenya and son to the nation’s first president. Uhuru owns vast tracts of land, Kenya’s biggest dairy company and a host of other companies in media, finance, transport, banking, real estate, jewelry and agriculture.

Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta

Chris Kirubi Net Worth $300 Million

Chris Kirubi is a media mogul who owns the popular Capital FM radio station. He is also an industrialist with a 49% equity stake in Haco Tiger brands, a real estate magnate, a majority shareholder in Centum Investment group and he has interests in insurance and construction sectors. The outspoken tycoon maintains a heavy social media presence and is a darling of the Kenyan youth. Mr.Kirubi is worth in excess of $300 million.

Chris Kirubi

Daniel Moi Net Worth $200 Million

Daniel Moi is a retired president of Kenya. He has a net worth estimated at over $ 200 million. His family however is worth over $ 1 billion. The former president has investments ranging from agriculture, education-Kabarak University, engineering firms, security groups, shipping lines, banks, insurance companies and vast ranches in Kenya. Moi is a very large land owner too. 

Daniel Moi

Manu Chandaria Net Worth $150 Million

Manu Chandaria is the chairman of Comcraft group which manufactures steel, plastic and aluminum products. The company is valued at $ 2 billion. However, Mr. Chandaria does not own the whole company and his wealth is estimated at just over $150 million. The 84 year-old millionaire is also a renowned philanthropist.

Manu Chandaria

Njenga Karume Net Worth $130 Million

Njenga Karume sits on a business empire ranging from investments in agriculture to banking. The self made millionaire started out as a charcoal burner. He is a classic rags to riches story. Njenga is worth over $ 130 million

Njenga Karume

Joshua Kulei Net Worth $100 Million

Joshua Kulei is a former personal assistant to the second president of the Republic of Kenya, Daniel Moi. Mr. Kulei has an estimated worth of $  100 million from investments in real estate, media, logistics, cement, banking and petroleum.

Joshua Kulei

Simeon Nyachae Net Worth $95 Million

Simeon Nyachae is a retired politician who made his wealth from transport, banking, insurance and agriculture after starting off as a young bakery owner in his 20s. He is said to own a ranch in Australia and tea farms in Zimbabwe and South Africa. Mr. Nyachae is reportedly worth over $ 95 million, with most of his wealth being held in real estate. 

Simeon Nyachae

Nicholas Biwott Net Worth $90 Million

Nicholas Biwott is worth over $90 million, with his family owning wealth estimated to be worth over $200 million dollars. Biwott is a shrewd investor with investments in transport, agriculture, petroleum and real estate. He owns a hotel in Israel, a shopping mall in Nairobi, properties across England among others. 

Nicholas Biwott

SK Macharia Net Worth $80 Million

SK is a media tycoon owning Kenya’s largest privately owned media company, The Royal Media Services. SK’s Royal Media operates 14 radio stations and a TV station. He has also invested in transport, real estate and insurance. SK is worth over $80 milllion.

SK Macharia

Mwai Kibaki Net Worth $79 Million

Mwai Kibaki is a career politician and a retired president of Kenya. He has investments in tourism, banking and telecommunication.  He is also a large land owner with expansive ranches in Kenya. Kibaki is worth in excess of $79 million.

Mwai Kibaki

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