Richest Man In Indonesia

The Top 10 Richest Man In Indonesia

Dubbed Southeast Asia’s economic powerhouse, Indonesia ranks fifth among Asian countries with the highest density of billionaires. Here are 10 of richest people in Indonesia who help make the country one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. 

Robert Budi & Michael Hartono Net Worth $15 billion

The combined wealth of brothers Robert and Michael Hartono clinched them the number one spot as Indonesia’s wealthiest with a net worth of $15 billion.  The duo inherited clove cigarette maker Djarum from their father but most of their fortune came from stakes in Indonesia’s biggest private bank, Bank Central Asia.  

Robert Budi

Eka Tjipta Widjaja & Family Net Worth $7.7 Billion 

Copra king turned palm oil tycoon Eka Tijipta Widjaja founded the conglomerate Sinar Mas Group which owns company Asian Pulp and Paper. He has since left the control of his business empire to his children, and one of them, Oei Hong Leong, is among the richest men in Southeast Asia. 

eka tjipta widjaja

Susilo Wonowidjojo & Family Net Worth $7.4 Billion 

Susilo Wonowidjojo’s family built their fortune from their tobacco and palm oil business ventures. They own Gudang Garam, Indonesia’s top clove cigarette maker. His father started the company and brother Rachman managed it for years until his death in 2008. Susilo has since taken control of the company. 

Anthoni Salim & Family Net Worth $5.2 Billion 

Noodle King Anthoni Salim chairs Salim group and controls its flagship company, giant instant noodle maker Indofood.  Salim also has business interests in telecom, cement and food retail in Indonesia. 

anthoni salim

Chairul Tanjung Net Worth $3.4 Billion 

Chairul Tanjung trained as a dentist and his first business venture was selling medical and dental equipment. The bulk of his fortune, however, came from his stakes in Indonesia’s media industry. His company, Trans Corp Media, controls news website and two TV stations.  He also has stakes in luxury goods retail. 

chairul tanjung

Sri Prakash Lohia Net Worth $3 Billion 

Indonesia’s petrochemical and textile titan Sri Prakash Lohia owns the world’s largest producer of polyester, Indorama Synthetics.  He chairs Indorama Ventures, the leading PET resin supplier in the world. The Indian-born and now Singapore-based billionaire is married to the sister of steel magnate Lakshmi Mittal. 

sri prakash lohia

Sukanto Tanoto Net Worth $2.8 Billion 

Sukanto Tanoto was Indonesia’s richest man in 2008 according to Forbes Magazine. His holding company, Royal Golden Eagle International (RGEI), has business interests ranging from paper, construction, palm oil and energy. He never finished school and had to teach himself English with the help of a dictionary. As his fortune grew, he decided to pursue further education, attending business and management courses in the world’s top universities. 

Sukanto Tanoto

Peter Sondakh Net Worth $2.6 Billion 

Peter Sondakh controls conglomerate Rajawai Group which rakes in huge gains from investments in plantations, mining, infrastructure, hotels and transportation. The company owns taxi operator Express and holds stakes in Bukit Asam Transpacific Railway consortium. Sondakh also owns Queensland’s resort hotel, St. Regis Bali.

peter sondakh

Dr. Boenjamin Setiawan & Family Net Worth $2.3 Billion 

Pharma tycoon Boenjamin Setiawan is the founder of Kalbe Farma, Southeast Asia’s biggest pharmaceutical company. The company has expanded into health drinks and other nutritional products, as well as hospitals.  He is Forbes Magazine's Businessman Of The Year 2013. 

Dr. Boenjamin Setiawan

Putera Sampoerna & Family Net Worth $2.2 Billion

Putera Sampoerna’s family owned PT Hanjaya Mandala Sampoerna before Philip Morris acquired the company in 2005. The family then started Sampoerna Strategic which has interests in palm oil plantations, telecommunications and microfinance. Putera already handed the reins of running the company to his son Michael to focus on Sampoerna Foundation which he founded to help poor but deserving Indonesian students. 

putera sampoerna

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