10 Richest Guitarists 

Who knew that playing guitar could be an avenue for fattening up bank accounts? Well, there are guitarists who rake in hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars from this musical instrument. The following are some of the top millionaires who owe their successes to guitar-playing.

richest guitarists

1. Toby Keith $320 Million

The country music crooner smiles all the way to the bank knowing that $320 million is lying in his account. Metaphorically, he wears many artistic hats, such as, songwriting, acting and music production.

toby keith

2. Dave Matthews $250 Million

The South African boasts of a net worth of $250 million, which he has amassed throughout his musical journey that began in 1990. His guitarist talents have also earned him numerous nominations including the Grammy Awards and Television Music Awards

3. The Edge $200 Million

The Edge (real name: David Howell Evans) is a backup vocalist, guitarist and keyboardist of U2. He is worth $200 million thanks to his musical exploits with U2. Evans is also a philanthropist and has contributed towards many charitable causes.

4. Angus Young $140 Million

The lead guitarist of Australian rock band AC/DC is worth $140 million having begun as a guitarist in 1975. Besides being rich, Young is a 2003 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee and the 24th greatest guitarist in history, according to Rolling Stone magazine.

5. Tom Petty $75 Million

The Heartbreakers band member will not be heartbroken over his $75 million net worth. Petty’s work with guitars earned him an induction into the 2002 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He has also starred in various movies and loves to play with Gibson Firebird and Fender Telecasters guitars.

tom petty

6. Richie Sambora $68 Million

The Bon Jovi lead guitarist must be thankful for his guitar talents, which has earned him a net worth of $68 million. Sambora has provided lead vocals for the band on several songs and collaborated with Desmond Child and Cher.

7. Joe Walsh $66 Million

Albeit a multi-instrumentalist, the Eagles band guitarist still ranks as one of the richest artists to use the musical instrument. Judging by his net worth of $66 million, Joe Walsh must really fancy his guitar as a tool of trade.

8. Brad Paisley $65 Million

The 41-year old is worth $65 million courtesy of his esteemed career as a guitarist, music producer and singer. In 2008, Paisley was crowned the ACM and CMA Male Vocalist of the Year. He also has 32 number one singles to his name.

9. Tim McGraw $60 Million

The 47-year old McGraw is worth $60 million accumulated from the 40 million albums he has sold thus far. It’s hard to argue with his musical talents when he has topped the country music charts with hits, such as, ‘Live Like You Were Dying’.

tim mcgraw

10. Matt Bellamy $12 Million

Rounding off the list of the 10 richest guitarists is Muse lead vocalist, songwriter and guitarist Matt Bellamy who is also worth $12 million. His ingenuity with the guitar has opened up more sources of riches including video games and writing music for movie credits.

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